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We; Bilgi Etiket RFID serve our customers with our designs prepared by inspiration from our motto; 'Label is Art'. Our Principals are; -One to one customer relation and direct contact with customer representative -Realization of customers' demands by understanding and directing right -Good planning -Delivery on time -Standard production which is not changing at every order -Reaching directly to management -7/24 service chance Label Art Standardised Quality of Manufacturing Process Same quality of paper and ink for every single order. (Internationally certified materials) On shelves, no splitting of labels with right adhesive. One-to-one Follow up with Each Customer Easy contact with customer representative, Easy reach directly to management. Quality Label Artistic Designs High quality ink, vivid and spectacular colors 3-D effect with the best appropriate printing methods. Know-how on Labels Correct information from specialist staff. Fast Customer Services Correct planning Just in time manufacturing and delivery.




  • Turkish Adhesive Label

Turkish Adhesive Labels Turkish Beverage Lable Turkish Beverage Lables Turkish Cargo Label Turkish Cargo Labels Turkish Cleaning Agent Label Turkish Cleaning Agent Labels Turkish Etc Label Turkish Etc Labels Turkish Food Label Turkish Food Labels Turkish Hand Terminal Turkish Hand Terminals

  • Turkish Industrial Label

Turkish Industrial Labels Turkish Jewelry Label Turkish Jewelry Labels Turkish Label Turkish Labels Turkish Laminate Printing Turkish Laminate Printings Turkish Non-Adhesive Label Turkish Non-Adhesive Labels Turkish Personal Card Turkish Personal Cards Turkish Personal Care Product Label Turkish Personal Care Product Labels Turkish Pharmaceutical Label Turkish Pharmaceutical Labels Turkish Plastic Tube Label Turkish Plastic Tube Labels Turkish Product Label Turkish Product Labels Turkish Product Tracing Label Turkish Product Tracing Labels Turkish Rfid Label Turkish Rfid Labels Turkish Rfid Reader

Turkish Rfid Readers Turkish Sachet Printing Turkish Sachet Printings Turkish Textile Label Turkish Textile Labels Turkish Ticket Turkish Tickets Turkish Tube Label Turkish Tube Labels Turkish Tube Laminate Printing Turkish Tube Laminate Printings Adhesive Label Turkey Adhesive Labels Turkey Beverage Lable Turkey Beverage Lables Turkey Cargo Label Turkey Cargo Labels Turkey Cleaning Agent Label Turkey Cleaning Agent Labels Turkey Etc Label Turkey Etc Labels Turkey Food Label Turkey Food Labels Turkey Hand Terminal Turkey.

  • Hand Terminals Turkey 

  • Industrial Label Turkey 

Industrial Labels Turkey Jewelry Label Turkey Jewelry Labels Turkey Label Turkey Labels Turkey Laminate Printing Turkey Laminate Printings Turkey Non-Adhesive Label Turkey Non-Adhesive Labels Turkey Personal Card Turkey Personal Cards Turkey Personal Care Product Label Turkey Personal Care Product Labels Turkey Pharmaceutical Label Turkey Pharmaceutical Labels Turkey Plastic Tube Label Turkey Plastic Tube Labels Turkey Product Label Turkey Product Labels Turkey Product Tracing Label Turkey Product Tracing Labels Turkey Rfid Label Turkey Rfid Labels Turkey Rfid Reader Turkey Rfid Readers Turkey Sachet Printing Turkey Sachet Printings Turkey Textile Label Turkey Textile Labels Turkey Ticket Turkey Tickets Turkey Tube Label Turkey Tube Labels Turkey Tube Laminate Printing Turkey Tube Laminate Printings Turkey