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PVC Pipe Manufacturers Konya Turkey

pipe, pipes, pvc pipe, pvc pipes, column pipes, drill pipes, pvc column pipes, pvc drill pipes, column pvc pipes, drill pvc pipes, well casings, pvc well casings, pvc-u well casings, screen pipes, pvc screen pipes, thick walled pipes, thick walled pvc pipes, thick walled pvc drill pipes, shallow pvc drill pipes, column pipe ...Faba Dış Tic.Plastik Otom. San.Ltd.Şti; gives service at pvc pipe manufacturing and marketing sector. We are in the service of our valued customers .. Phone Number: +90 332 345 49 19 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi, Kupa Caddesi, No: 12, Karatay, Konya, Turkey

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