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Turkish Companies List EM

Turkish Companies List EM

stirrup, rebar, wire, stirrup bending machine, tie wire, coil, wire rod, mesh, wire mesh, fence,
bar, machine, stirrup bending, wire bending, iron bending, iron cutting, wire cutting, mesh
welding, spot welding, wire drawing ..  As company founded by GULSUNA family in 1988. It
started with small workshop which produces food and agricultural machinery in Mersin /
TURKEY Phone Number: +90 324 235 20 68 Address: Çilek Mah., Keresteciler Sitesi, 6209 Sok.,
No: 3, Mersin, Turkey

EMS ELIF MAKINE KALIP SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Turkey biscuit production lines, cake
production lines, cracker production lines, biscuit cutting machines, bend belts,
cream injection machines, separator filling machines, cake dough depositors, bretzel
cracker production lines, packaging machines, pie biscuit machines, marshmallow
biscuit machines, sandwich biscuit machines, sandwich pie machines, biscuit
moulds, biscuit production line, cake production line, cracker production line, biscuit
cutting machine, bend belt, cream injection machine, biscuit mould, biscuit moldAs
Ems Elif Machine we manufacture and supply biscuit production lines, cake
production lines, cracker production lines, biscuit cutting machines, bend belts,
cream injection Phone: +90 338 214 47 48 Address: Org. San. Böl., 3. Cad. No:
26, Karaman, Turkey

Electric cables, electricity cables, conductors, bared aluminium rods, bared aluminum rods,
aluminium wires, aluminum wires, aluminium conductors, aluminum conductors, insulated
aluminium cables, insulated aluminum cables, aluminum cables, aluminium cables, energy
transmission cables, energy distribution cables, turbines, generators, power plants, turbine
tanks, power generation plants ..Turkish Manufacturers Company, Companies Turkey,
Manufacturers Turkey, Manufacturing Turkey, Producers Turkey, Turkish Suppliers, in Turkey,
of Turkey ... Since the foundation of EMTA Elektrik Makine Ticaret A.Ş. in 1974, EMTA has kept
its development process, considering his responsibilities and missio
Phone Number: +90 216 446 66 06 Address: İstasyon Mahallesi, İbişağa Caddesi, No.: 4,
34940 Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey

EMTAS ENERJI TIC. LTD. STI. Turkey boilers, radiators, towel radiators, towel warmers,
water heaters, central heating boilers, heating systems, central heating systems,
heating boilers, liquid fuel heating boilers, solid fuel heating boilers, gas fuel heating
boilers, floor boilers, central boilers, panel radiators, boiler, radiator, towel radiator,
towel warmer, water heater, central heating boiler, heating system, central heating
system, heating boiler, liquid fuel heating boiler, solid fuel heating boiler, gas fuel
heating boiler, floor boiler, central bEmtas started to make enamelled cover on lots of
products such as bathroom boiler, barbecue, heating stove etc. as contract works in
1988. When it comes to 1993, starting to Phone: +90 246 224 13 53 Address:
Eğirdir Karayolu,, Isparta, Turkey

Construction materials, wooden decorations, paints, facade claddings, insulation products,
treatment systems, boosters, pumps, installation materials, heating systems, cooling systems,
ventilation equipments, kitchen equipments, fire equipments, furnitures, parquets, skirting
boards, landscapes, construction chemicals, suspended ceiling systems
With our long years of experiences, creating optimum solutions with our clients and partners,
building common values with team work approach and grow
Phone Number: +90 212 671 46 18 Address: Nish İstanbul Residence, C Blok, D: 71,
Çobançeşme, Bahçelievler, İstanbul, Turkey