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Nonwoven Products Turkey Nonwoven Fabric Companies Turkey

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Industrial embroidery backing import - Tunisia - Tunisia Importers
I am looking for a producer of industrial embroidery backing
industrial embroidery backingembroidery backing papernonwoven fabricsnonwoven fabric

To import to China - nonwoven fabric - China Importers
I want to find nonwoven fabric manufacturer
nonwoven fabricfabricfabricsmask fabricsmedical mask fabrics

Spunlace nonwoven fabric import - Uzbekistan - Uzbekistan Importers
I need punlace fabric
spunlace nonwoven fabricsspunlace nonwoven fabricnonwoven fabricsnonwoven fabricspunlace fabricspunlace fabrics

Sri Lanka - fabric importing - Sri Lanka Importers
Medicine and face mardk And fabric also
fabricfabricswoven fabricnonwoven fabrics

Melt-blown fabrics import to South Korea - Korea, South Importers
I’m looking for melt-blown nonwovens looking for supplier in Turkey
melt-blown fabricmelt-blown fabricsfabricsmask fabricmask raw materialsnonwoven fabricsfabrics for medical maskdisposable mask fabrics

Meltblown Fabric enquiry to import to Switzerland - Switzerland Importers
I’m looking for a Turkish manufacturer of PP medical melt-blown non-woven fabric
nonwoven fabricmeltblown fabriccomposite fabricnon-woven fabric

Nonwoven fabric importing - Algeria - Algeria Importers
I need a manufacturer of nonwoven fabric
nonwoven fabricsnonwoven fabricfabricfabricsclothing fabrics

Nonwoven fabrics import to Kuwait - Kuwait Importers
looking for non woven fabric manufacturer or supplier for cars seats
nonwoven fabricnonwoven fabricsfabricfabricsfabric for car seatsupholstery fabrics

Nonwoven fabrics - Vietnam to import - Vietnam Importers
Melt-blown non-woven fabric. I am from South Korea
nonwoven fabricnonwoven fabricsfabricfabricsclothing fabricsmask fabric

Nonwoven fabric importing to Hong Kong - Hong Kong Importers
We are setting up a new production line for making surgical mask and are looking for nonwoven material.
nonwoven fabricsnonwoven fabricfabricfabrics

Ghana importing exhibition carpets - Ghana Importers
I want to know if your company produce exhibition carpets
exhibition carpetscarpetcarpetswoven carpetsnonwoven carpets

3D printed carpets importing to Palestine - Palestine Importers
I'm looking for 3D colorful printed carpet (floor / wall)
3d printed carpets3d carpetscarpetcarpetswoven carpetnonwoven carpetsprinted carpets

Spunlace fabrics importing to Russia - Turkmenistan Importers
we need high quality spunlace
spunlace fabricsfabricfabricsnonwoven fabricsnon-woven fabric

Nonwoven spunbond production line - Iran to set up - Iran Importers
i need to purchase Nonwoven Spunbond produce line
nonwoven spunbond production linenonwoven spunbond makingnonwoven spunbond fabricsnonwoven fabricfabric makingfabric productionfabric manufacturingtextile machinery

Fabrics import to Kuwait - Kuwait Importers
I find turkey companies fabric
fabricsfabricclothing fabricswoven fabricsnonwoven fabricswool fabricspolyester fabric

Nonwoven bags import to Bangladesh - Bangladesh Importers
For this we are looking for regular importer.
plastic bagsplastic bagnonwoven bagsnonwoven plastic bags

Nonwoven fabrics import to Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Importers
Sms non woven material
nonwoven materialnonwoven fabricspunbondnon-woven fabricsfabricspunbond fabricfabrics

Carpet tiles to import to South Korea - Korea, South Importers
The tile carpet should be red color.
carpet tilescarpet tilecarpetwool carpetwoven carpetnonwoven carpetmachinery madehand made

Carpets importing - UK - United Kingdom Importers
Currently looking at export opportunities for carpet manufactuers in Gaziantep into the UK?
carpetswall to wallarea rugswool carpetshand wovenmachinery wovennonwoven carpets

Non woven ultrasonic bags - Israel to import - Israel Importers
looking for non woven ultrasonic manufacters
non woven ultrasonic bagsnonwoven bagsnon woven bagsultrasonic bagsfabric bags

PP nonwoven fabric to import to Tunisia - Tunisia Importers
''we are searching for non woven fabric from Turkish manufacturers ''
pp nonwoven fabricpp fabricnonwoven fabricfabric for medical maskfabric for disposable maskfabric for 3 ply maskmedical grade fabricmedical grade

Nonwoven fabrics importing to UAE - United Arab Emirates Importers
Nonwaven fabric Pp For medical purpise
nonwoven fabricnonwoven fabricsfabricfabricsgauze raw materialsgauze fabrics

Carpets importing - Cambodia - Cambodia Importers
I am looking for Turkish products in Cambodia like females wear and carpets
carpetswoven carpetsnonwoven carpetswall to wallarea rugswool carpets

Fabrics importing to Belgium - Belgium Importers
We are looking for make up fabrics from Turkey
fabricsfabricclothing fabricswoven fabricnonwoven fabrics

Morocco - importing fabrics - Morocco Importers
i want know the roll fabric exporters
fabricfabricswoven fabricnonwoven fabricsclothing fabricsgarment fabricsapparel fabricsknitwear fabrics

Fabrics importing to Bulgaria - Bulgaria Importers
We want to make a inquiry for product: felt non woven fabric.
fabricfabricsnon woven fabricsnonwoven fabricclothing fabrics

Carpets import to Vietnam - Vietnam Importers
The items I’m looking for are: - agricultural products as nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables - agricultural machines (new or used) - carpets - high fashion fabric
carpetcarpetswall to wallwoven carpetsnonwoven carpets

Libya - carpet importing - Libya Importers
'Apjt for carpet factories'
carpetwall to wallwoven carpetnonwoven carpetwool carpet

Nonwoven fabrics for wipes - Egypt importing - Egypt Importers
''do you produce non woven for wipes ?''
nonwoven fabrics for wipesnonwoven fabricnonwoven fabricsfabricwet wipe fabrics

Rugs to import to USA - USA Importers
We are looking for modern type of rugs, the sizes are from 5'' x 7'' inches, 5''x 8'' and 8'' x 10''
rugsrugwoven rugsnonwoven rugstraditional rugshand woven rugs

USA to import rugs - USA Importers
I need information about rug, 5x7 and 7x10'.
rugsrugcarpetsarea rugswall to wallwoven rugsnonwoven rugs

Qatar importation carpets - Qatar Importers
i am looking for Turkish manufacturer for different finishing materials in geenral (tile, carpet, wall paper, vinyl, gypsum, etc...)
carpetcarpetswoven carpetnonwoven carpetswool carpetwall to wallarea carpetscarpet tiles

Medical products importation to Bulgaria - Bulgaria Importers
importing and selling thru tenders to hospitals.
medical productsmedical suppliesmedical materialshemostatic spongenewborn photoprotective glassescotton woolcotton wool bleachednonwoven laparotomic spongelaparotomic spongeabsorbent for co2tabs for sterilizationecg paper

Carpet tiles - wall to wall carpet to UAE import - United Arab Emirates Importers
I need sample of wall to wall carpet 1000x1000 Carpet tiles 50x50
carpet tilescarpetwall to wallwall to wall carpetwoven carpetsnonwoven carpetswool carpets

UK to import carpets - United Kingdom Importers
we are retail and distributers in uk , do you manufacture carpets and wholesale
carpetcarpetswool carpetwoven carpetnonwoven carpetswall to wall

Fabrics importing to Pakistan - Pakistan Importers
We import different kinds of fabrics
fabricfabricswoven fabricsnonwoven fabricsclothing fabrics

Import of wall to wall carpets - Belgium import - Belgium Importers
looking for a Wall-to-Wall (Plain Carpet) factory in Turkey
wall to wall carpetscarpetscarpetrugswoven carpetnonwoven carpetswool carpets

Import of carpet to Ukraine - Ukraine Importers
Where I can get a price list?
carpetwoven carpetnonwoven carpetswool carpetwall to wall carpet

Carpets and carpet tiles import to USA - USA Importers
I am interested in carpet and carpet tiles
carpet tilescarpetwoven carpetnonwoven carpetwool carpet

Import of carpets - Georgia - Georgia Importers
looking for a heavy duty carpets
carpetcarpetswoven carpetsnonwoven carpets

Import of non woven fabric to Sudan - Sudan Importers
I ask about pp non woven fabric to produce medical face mask
non woven fabricsnon woven fabricnonwoven fabricspp fabricpp fabricsfabricmedical mask fabrics

Nonwoven textiles import - Slovakia - Slovakia Importers
I am looking for a producer supplier of non wooven textile
nonwoven textilenonwoven textilesnonwoven fabri̇cnonwoven fabri̇csfabricsfabric

Carpets import to Ethiopia - Ethiopia Importers
Needs conformation to the Carpet for Ethiopian market
carpetcarpetswoven carpetnonwoven carpetswool carpet

Towels to import - Jordan - Jordan Importers
need 200 towels to amman price plz
toweltowelswoven towelnonwoven towelvelour towelhote towelface towelcotton towelhome textiles

Fabrics to import to Algeria - Algeria Importers
Lots of fabrics
fabricfabricswoven fabricnonwoven fabricscotton fabrics

Rugs - carpets to import to Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Importers
I am interested in importing Kilims and carpets.
carpetscarpetwoven carpetsnonwoven carpetsrugsrugkilim

Import of polyester staple fiber - Bangladesh - Bangladesh Importers
we need polyester staple fiber 15 d 64 mm hcs
polyester fiberpolyester staple fiberpolyfillwadding materialsfilter materialsnonwoven fabric materialspillow materialscushion materialsgeotextile raw materials

Import of clothing fabrics - Pakistan - Pakistan Importers
we need afine quality unstitched cloth in dark blue colour for mens wear
clothing fabricsfabricfabricsfabric for clothesmenswear fabricswoven fabricnonwoven fabrics

Inquiry from USA Non-woven printed bags - USA Importers
Nonwoven torba baskli istiyorum
printed bagprinted bagsbagsnonwoven printed bagsnonwoven bagshandbagstextile products

PP geotextiles to buy - Peru Importers
we are looking for a nonwoven PP geotextile turkish manufacturer
pp geotextilesgeotextilenonwoven geotextile

Nonwoven materials for medical supplies - Czech Republic Importers
I am looking for nonwoven with PE lamination for medical ( sanitary) supplies.
nonwoven materials for medical suppliesnonwoven materials

Nonwoven bags importing - Bulgaria Importers
We are looking for supplier for nonwoven bags (with zipper and handles and pvc window for poster/label)
nonwoven bagnonwoven bagsbags

Nonwoven pots for growing - Georgia Importers
I am looking for Nonwoven pots for growing
nonwoven pots for growingnonwoven potsflower potsplant pots

Nonwoven fabric - United Kingdom Importers
We are looking for cross lapped viscose non woven manufacturer
nonwoven fabricsnonwoven fabricfabricfabrics

Nonwoven spunbond - Venezuela Importers
I am interested in a quote for the items listed above, price CIF Venezuelan Port (Puerto Cabello).
nonwoven spunbondsnonwoven spunbondfabricfabrics

Nonwoven spunlace - Russia Importers
I'm interested in NONWOVEN spunlace (nonwoven fabric)
nonwoven spunlacenonwoven fabricsnonwoven fabric

Import sponge felt

Spunlace noonwovwn, SMS - Spunbond-Meltblown nonwoven - Egypt Importers
Please send us contact data for Noon woven manufactures companies
spunlacenoonwovwnsmsspunbond-meltblown nonwoven

Non Woven Bags importing request from Netherlands - Netherlands Importers
We hold 4 enquiries for these bags and look for Turkish manufacturers
bagbagsnonwoven bagnonwoven bagsnon woven bagnon woven bags

Nonwovens for baby diapers buying request from Jordan - Jordan Importers
I am looking for nonwovens for baby diapers
nonwovensnonwoven fabricfabricfabrics

Nonwoven fabrics buying inquiry from Bangladesh - Bangladesh Importers
We are looking for AF compressor spare parts
nonwoven fabricfabricfabrics

Non-woven geotextile inquiry from Qatar - Qatar Importers
Kindly send us your technical data sheet for Non-Woven Geo-textile 110, 120 & 350gsm.
geogridnonwoven geotextilegeotextilegeotextiles

Nonwoven medical products regular buy inquiry from Netherlands - Netherlands Importers
Knowledge about nonwoven products for the medical market, to convert a special type of metallised nonwoven into caps, leggings & blankets.
nonwoven medical productsmedical consumablesmedical suppliesnonwoven fabriclegging fabricblanket fabriccap fabrics

Diapers nonwoven frontal tapes to import to Mexico - Mexico Importers
We are interesed in your unprinted nonwoven frontal tape, we suply the diapers industrie with printed back sheet , we able to print and cutting frontal tape.
diapersnonwoven tapesfrontal tapestapestape

Nonwoven fabrics for wet wipes needed in Turkmenistan - Turkmenistan Importers
Please give me your contact number for nonwoven fabric for wet wipes i will contact with you
nonwoven fabricswet wipesnonwoven fabricfabricfabrics

Tunisian company seeking nonwoven fabrics for medical consumable production - Tunisia Importers
We are in the industry of Medical Devices seek suppliers raw material nonwoven fabric
nonwoven fabricsmedical consumablefabricsfabric

Nonwoven fabric for wipes to import to Algeria - Algeria Importers
We are looking for a nonwoven fabric supplier for our company to produce wipes
nonwoven fabricfor wipesnonwoven fabricsfabricswipes

Biaxial geogrid nonwoven geotextile offer request from Egypt - Egypt Importers
kindly provide us with Technical data sheet for Biaxial Geogrid 40 - 40 KN/m & nonwoven geotextile 300 gsm
biaxialgeogridnonwoven geotextilegeotextilegeotextiles

Spunlace nonwoven fabric required in India - India Importers
We are looking for spunlace non woven faric in 200cm or wider width, 60 gsm, for making baby wet wipes.
spunlace fabricnonwoven fabricfabricfabrics

Nonwoven fabric required in Algeria - Algeria Importers
Request nonwoven 20% viscose 80% polyester
nonwoven fabricfabricfabrics

Nonwoven fabric material required in Serbia - Serbia Importers
Please sent me offer for 35 to 45 nonwoven fabrc material witch we cen use for this production
nonwoven fabric materialnonwoven fabricfabricfabrics

Non woven products to import to Pakistan - Pakistan Importers
I am looking non woven and product manufacturers .
non woven productsnonwoven fabricsnonwoven fabricfabricfabrics

Nonwoven scouring rolls offer request from Lebanon - Lebanon Importers
Nonwoven Scouring Rolls..visco Foam And Visco Foam Wz Gel Pillows From Turkish Producers
nonwovenscouring rollsscouring rollcleaning supplies

Fabrics for wet wipes quotation to import to Tajikistan - Tajikistan Importers
I am interested inspunlace, kemikbond, spunbond, airlaid nonwoven materials for wet wipes.
fabricswet wipesfabricinspunlacespunbondairlaidnonwoven

UK based company looking for carpet manufacturers - United Kingdom Importers
Looking for carpet manufacturers and cotton towels
carpetcarpetswall to wallshaggywovennonwoven

Carpets all kinds offer request from United Kingdom - United Kingdom Importers
Looking for carpet manufacturers and cotton towels
carpetscarpetwoven carpetsnonwoven carpets

Wet laid nonwoven offer request from United Kingdom - United Kingdom Importers
Could you send us samples and data sheets for wet laids in the area weight range of 40 - 60 gsm.
wet laidnonwovennonwoven fabricspaper-like fabrics

Non woven fabrics rolls for wet wipes buy inquiry from Morocco - Morocco Importers
Non woven wet wipes bobine&gallett
nonwoven fabricsfabric rollswet wipesfabricfabrics

Needle punched staple fiber nonwoven need for construction in Iran - Iran Importers
We need the product with high quality & minimum delivery time .
needle punched staple fiber nonwovenfiber nonwovenstaple fiberneedle punched fiber

Spunlace nonwoven fabrics to supply from Turkey to Greece - Greece Importers
We are looking for spunlace non woven fabric
spunlace nonwoven fabricsfabricfabricsspunlace fabric

PP spunbond nonwoven fabric request from Albania - Albania Importers
We are searching pp spunbond nonwoven black, 70 gr and 100 gr.
pp spunbond nonwoven fabricnonwoven fabricspunbond fabricpp fabricsfabricsfabric

Quotation of nonwoven scouring rolls from Lebanon - Lebanon Importers
Kindly put us in connection with producers of the above products.
nonwoven scouring rollsscouring rollsscouring pad rolls

Inquiry for nonwoven from Pakistan - Pakistan Importers
I want to buy nonwoven
nonwoven fabricnonwoven fabricsfabricfabrics

Nonwoven and cotton pounches wholesale ordering from France - France Importers
Looking for manufacturers of nonwoven and cotton pounches.
nonwoven pounchescotton pounchespounches

Nonwoven fabric price request from Lebanon - Lebanon Importers
Price of non woven fabric roll
nonwoven fabricfabricsfabric

Nonwoven spunlace fabric demanded from Iran - Iran Importers
I need 2 tons or more of mentioned fabric monthly
nonwoven spunlace fabricfabricfabricsnonwoven fabricspunlace fabrics

Spunlace nonwoven fabrics to import inquiry from Iran - Iran Importers
At the moment we need spun lace non woven fabrics for production of surgical drapes and gowns and also towels.
spunlace nonwoven fabricsspunlace fabricsfabricsfabricnonwoven fabricnonwoven fabrics

Nonwoven fabrics for medical gowns required in Iran - Iran Importers
At the moment we need spun lace non woven fabrics for production of surgical drapes and gowns and also towels.
nonwoven fabricsfor medical gownsnonwoven fabricfabricfabricsmedical gown fabrics

Nonwoven, Spunlace for wet wipes needed in Turkmenistan - Turkmenistan Importers
We are interested Nonwoven, Spanlace for wet wipes. roll size is width 1000mm and diameter 1000mm, 38-45gsm, white. Viscose 30%-polymer 70%. Embossing.
nonwoven fabricspunlace fabric for wet wipesfabric for wet wipesfabricsfabricspunlace fabricnonwoven fabric

Spunlace Nonwoven Wipes regular import in Iran - Iran Importers
i need about 5000 kg per month
spunlace nonwoven wipesnonwoven wipesspunlace wipes

Nonwoven spunlace fabric request in Iran - Iran Importers
in Iran in the field of medical equipment
nonwoven spunlace fabricspunlace fabricfabric

Nonwoven fabrics for wipes needed in Ukraine - Ukraine Importers
We are manufacturers of wet wipes for personal care use and would like to inquire for spunlace (55-70 g/m2) for our production needs.
nonwoven fabrics for wipesfabrics

Nonwoven Fabrics requested from Ukraine - Ukraine Importers
We are manufacturers of wet wipes for personal care use and would like to request samples of your notwovens (55-70 g/m2) for our production needs.
nonwoven fabrics

Medical Nonwoven textiles request from Iran - Iran Importers
we are medical Co in Iran. we need medical textile manufactures in Turkey .(Medical Nonwoven)
medical nonwoven textilenonwoventextilemedical textile

Non woven fabrics for Disposable Cloths required in Tunisia - Tunisia Importers
fabricfabricsnonwoven fabricnonwoven fabrics

Spunlace And Nonwoven fabric request from Iran - Iran Importers
I should be grateful if you would send me information about your product, especially nonwovens that we can use in wet wipe for cleaning glasses and a kind of nonwoven that we can use in dissolvable tissue wet wipe. We would like to receive some samples with these specifications: 1)100% cotton 2) Complex of cotton and another material (more than 50% cotton) 3) Complex of cellulose and another material (more than 50% cellulose) 4) Dissolvable tissue wet wipe

Shopping bag nonwoven printed purchase request from Germany - Germany Importers
We are looking for a nonwoven bag, approx 43cm wide, 46 cm high, 14 cm deep, with hanger. colour beige with white print on both sides, the print is the same quantity: 25.000 pcs once a year.
shopping bagshopping bagsnonwovenprinted

Nonwoven shopping bag sealing machine ordering from Israel - Israel Importers
We are interstrd in non woven shopping bag mashine sealing size 43*17*43 bag color white 100gsm without lamenation printing 3 colors
importpurchaseinquiryrequestNonwoven shopping bag sealing machine

Spunlace nonwoven for wet wipes inquiry from Egypt - Egypt Importers
We plan to order nonwoven for wet wipes : - 3000 kg of nonwoven 37:40 gsm (20% Viscose + 80% pet) 80: 85 cm with maximum outer diameter 110 cm. - 3000 kg of nonwoven 37:40 gsm (30% Viscose + 70% pet) 18 cm with maximum outer diameter 110 cm. - 4000 kg of nonwoven 37:40 gsm (40% Viscose + 60% pet) 18 cm with maximum outer diameter 110 cm.
buyimportpurchaseinquiryrequestdemandSpunlace nonwoven for wet wipesEgypt

Slovenia requested bonded nonwoven PP material for cables - Slovenia Importers
We would like to know if you are producing: Chemically bond PES material which we need around 35 000 000m2 – width 2100 mm and width 1000 mm. We are using different weights: 20, 22, 27 and 35g PES chemically bond material, we need also 50g and 70g PES. Implementation is for cable industry. We are also interested in thermally bond material PP – we need around 3 000 000m2 per year 17 and 30g – both in width 2100mm. Implementation is for automotive industry. our technical entering condi
Sloveniarequestbonded nonwoven PP material for cablesbuyimportpurchaseinquiry