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Chocolate Factories In Turkey

Chocolate Factories in Turkey

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We make production as CILSAN CHOCOLATE with bubble gum and candy products we export our activities to a total of 35 countries are experiencing growth even more with each passing year. Our company priority target; dynamic, becoming different and the best transfer the production facilities of the supperrior technology, every year, more hyginec production lines that add a new fast and make superior quality develop new product as CILSAN CHOCOLATE staff will continue to work as believing that the most important task of our costumer satisfaction, and the secret of our success, we are connecting to the service we provide continuity. Our goals experinced, the strenght of our technical and experienced empolyes without compromissing quality, the quality of raw meterials and completly hygenic conditions to vontinue production using the most advanced technologies strengthening our capacity as consumer foreign country is pleased to provide this confidence we a dopt a principle.

Aysultan Candy Company established at 1970, continues its production without compromising the quality with 10.044 m2 outdoor and 4.000 m2 closed area since 1995. In the last 49 years, Our company has become a very important the brand in the sector with quality and reliability by institutionalized and evolved. Aysultan as a firm haved big objectives in the field of confectionery production, provide professional production with a variety of products from hard lolipop candy to chocolate. Aysultan Candy Company with a strong infrastructure and product experience for many years, include innovation into the confectionery industry, continues production under Aytop brand in accordance with the Turkish food codex. Our product formulation, appreciated by consumers in a short period of time and approved in compliance with taste, is controlled continuously with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 food standarts. We based our goal on producing healthy, stable and consistent the same flavor quality products. In this respect, by never compromising our principle of high qualty production and by continuously improving and renewing ourselves, we knew that we were at your side with our tasty products. Aysultan Candy Company has chosen as its target to become a global brand with continued stable growth Because It is important for us"unconditional customer satisfaction".