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Paper Packaging Companies Turkey

Paper Packaging Companies Turkey

Paper Packaging Companies Turkey

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Voyage Global Packaging provides service to our valuable customers in the field of Packaging. Our philosophy is to provide innovative, high quality and superior service to our valued customers. Since our establishment, our customers' satisfaction has been our biggest profit..

Alfa Printing and Packaging was established in 1998 by the partnering of the two experienced and well-educated professional; Ali Ozturk and Fatih Harbutluoglu. The company soon became one ofmost recognized and well respected in the sector in Turkey by providing new and variable packaging solutions. Presently, the company which is located in Istanbul/Turkey has 130 qualified employees and 10.000 m2 (square meter) production area to provide the best quality and service level. According to the 2019 data, its production capacity is capable to processes 900 tons raw material and 8 million sheet per month. It means half billion pcs product per year. Thanks to its high quality offset machines Roland 900 and Roland 700, Alfa provide its customers a high finish quality for their products even in big size, multi-color and high volume projects. Moreover the company use metalized UV pressing techniques which is only a few firm has in the sector. Alfa Printing and Packaging that expand the area of its activities day by day, is also assertive at exportation.Export sales represent 20% of the overall sales. Main countries of export are UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Mexico, UAE, Qatar, Bahrein Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, and Turkmenistan. The aim is cleary to increase export rates with new market entries and current market extensions. “ Alfa Printing and Packaging is not only a package producer but also a good solution partner for its customers so it is deeply rooted in the developing future of Turkey.”

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Established to provide high quality products and services, Meda Ambalaj has the highest level of "experience" and detailed "technical knowledge" in terms of its infrastructure. Fine care in production and service. We are a solution partner, determined and passionate company that researches and constantly invests in quality, respects "core values" and has strong growth targets, always looking for new ideas, open-minded, not content with its current position but seeing further. We want to meet all the expectations of our valued customers with the perfection of our services. Our unwavering principles are timely delivery, quality products and competitive prices. The care of Meda Ambalaj, which no technology can provide you, is the starting point of Meda Ambalaj quality... Continuous product and service innovation Meda Ambalaj staff, who constantly follows the world's R&D and fair centers, continues to produce solutions... Our Vision and Mission Our vision is to transfer the knowledge and technology we have reached to new generations by contributing to the country's economy with 100% domestic capital. Doing this wholeheartedly is our "mission"

We are a well-established brand with our production facility located in Adana, with the importance we attach to quality, success, and innovation in our journey we started in 1986. Omas Ambalaj has proven its quality with national and international quality certificates. It provides services to many sectors with its large production capacity. Operating on a closed area of ​​approximately 10,000 square meters, Omas Ambalaj outsources the paper and carries out all other production processes within its own body. It continues its quality journey by keeping up with the development.