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In 1991 BROX thrown to the business life with dynamic group, And result ot these long years of operation in Boiler & Burner field, BROX has got big experience and accumulation of knowledge in this field. As well as to the all kind of liquidate & gas Burners, BROX successfully design and manufacture special new applications successfully has been achieved for Glass, Ceramic, Metal Melting, Textile, Food, Leather and Paint sectors. More than 10.000 BROX Burners & Process Burners with capacities from 50kw up to 41000kw, and more than 800 Boilers with heating surface from 25m2 up to 350m2 running in various industrial sectors. For years this Field was in foreign original companies hand, Now we are proud that we become one of leader company in this sector Thanks to our high quality products and technical solutions. Our Company has constituted by % 100 local capital thanks to Turkish Engineers & workers contribution. As well as to TES & DIN Standards our production, we have got ISO 9001 - 2008 quality verification Certificate. Our Target: Don't leave our manufacturers to face the expensive and risky solutions in this field alone, Use the latest Technology, "UNLIMITED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" Reflect That our understanding and best service to our products and become the leader company in our sector.

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