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Export Company and Manufacturers List

Export Company and Manufacturers List:

Premix Made in Turkey

Turkish Companies. Bozburun Mah. A. Nazif Zorlu Sanayi Sitesi 7154 Sk. No:7,  Denizli, Turkiye. premix, calf food, licking bucket, licking stone ... 

Turkish Exporters Association - Turkish Exporters' Assembly - TIM

Turkish Exporters Association - Turkish Exporters' Assembly - TIM

Turkish Exporters Association - Turkish Exporters' Assembly - TIM

TIM - Turkish Exporters' Assembly Weekly export figures do not include exports exempt from Exporters' Associations, warehouses and free zone exports.

About Us TİM is the only umbrella organization of Turkish exports, representing more than 95,000 exporters with 27 sectors, 61 Exporters Association.

IIB - Istanbul Exporters' Association General Secretariat IIB - Istanbul Exporters' Association General Secretariat. ... Tender Invitation - CONSTRUCTION and DECORATION WORKS OF TURKISH NATIONAL PAVILIONS AT FINE ...

Turkish Exporters Assembly - Türkiye İhracatçılar Meclisi ... only umbrella organization of our Exporters Associations and Turkish Export, ... 5910 Turkish Exporters Assembly and Law on the Establishment and Duties ...

ABOUT US | İHKİB İstanbul Apparel Exporters' Association (IHKIB) is one of the most important associations of apparel sectors, which leads Turkey's export.

İHKİB: İstanbul Hazır Giyim Ve Konfeksiyon İhracatçıları Birliği 14.81 BILLION $ TURKEY'S APPAREL EXPORT IN 2021; 68.13 IHKIB'S SHARE IN APPAREL EXPORT IN 2021; 18.297 IHKIB'S EXPORTER MEMBERS IN 2021 ...

About Turkish Steel Exporters' Association The Association is a non-profit business organization of more than 2,000 companies representing the largest steel producers and exporters in the Turkish ...

About Us - UIB General Secretariat Of Uludag Exporters' Association (UİB) ... the Foundation and Duties of the Turkish Exporters Assembly and the Exporters' Associations, ...

About Us - OİB All exporting main and supplier industry companies in the automotive sector in Turkey are members of OİB, which is a union of coordination for automotive ...

Role of Turkish exporters' associations in total export of Turkey yazan: A Damar · 2018 — · ... its role in the total exports of Turkey. The period before and after 2005 is examined, which is the year of foundation of Steel Exporters Association, ...

ROLE OF TURKISH EXPORTERS' ASSOCIATIONS IN TOTAL ... yazan: A DAMAR — İstanbul Ticaret Üniversitesi Girişimcilik Dergisi Yıl:2 Sayı:3 Bahar 2018/1 s.1-22. ROLE OF TURKISH EXPORTERS' ASSOCIATIONS IN. TOTAL EXPORT OF TURKEY.

About AKIB As as umbrella organization Mediterranean Exporter Associations began its activities ... Turkey Fresh Water and Sea Products Exporters' Association of South ...

General Information - İMMİB ... Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association, is a professional establishment aiming to contribute to the development of foreign trade of Turkey.

Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association - İMMİB Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association (IMIB) is a professional non-profit association which deals with all export activities in minerals sector.

West Mediterranean Exporters Association - About Us Turkish ExporterAssociations are established with the aim of increasing exports, organizing the professional relations and activities of exporters, ...Batı Akdeniz İhracatçılar Birliği tarafından yüklendi

About HIB | SERVICES EXPORTERS' ASSOCIATION Service Exporters' Association was established by the Export Communique No. ... in particular with the Ministry of Trade and Turkish Exporters' Assembly ...,127/official.html

Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Exporters Association Cereals are grown on 12 million hectares (50%) of 24 million hectares of arable land in Turkey. The Turkish wheat flour sector has a major position in the world ...

Machinery Exporters' Association (Turkish Machinery) Machinery Exporters' Association (Turkish Machinery) was established in 2002 in order to coordinate all kinds of activities that will increase Turkish ...

Awards - TGS A.Ş. Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (ITHİB) 2019 Platinum Award; Awards Received in 2019 for the year 2018 Turkish Exporters Assembly ...

Denizli Exporters' Association - About DENİB - DENİB In line with increasing Turkish textile products exports after 1980 and increasing number of exporters and producers of textile and apparel in Denizli, Denizli ...

About Us - Ege İhracatçı Birlikleri The Aegean Exporters' Associations, one of the unique examples of public and private sector cooperation established in Turkey, has built herself into a ...

Turkey - Trade - European Commission 7 Tem 2021 — EU-Turkey trade relations are based on an Association Agreement from 1963 ... The EU is by far Turkey's largest import and export partner, ...

Partners - TAYSAD The Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OİB) was formed in 1991 ... This means that about one-sixth of total Turkish exports belong to the ...

Home - Cement, Glass,Ceramics and Soil Products Exporters ... Exporters Association, which has more than 2,100 members, is the sole coordinating association in this sector throughout Turkey.

Partners | Shoedex Meets Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM as the umbrella organization of the exporting firms around 90,000 was established in 1993. It continues its studies on ...

About Us Uludag Textile Exporters' Association (UTIB) was established in Bursa in 1986 ... encourage university - industry partnerships, and boost Turkey's exports.

About Us - Corporate - Turkish Jewellery The Association has more than 1000 member companies recently and has been a fundamental organization that fosters jewellery exports, prompts exporters to reach ...

İsib Resmi Web Sitesi Turkish HVAC&R Exporters' Association (ISIB) has rewarded the companies with the best exporting performance with effective involvement in the.

Is Turkey's export-driven growth sustainable? - Al-Monitor 10 Eyl 2021 — Turkey's industry remains heavily reliant on imported materials, ... The Istanbul Apparel Exporters' Association, which represents an ...

First renewable energy exporters' association to be opened in ... 15 Eyl 2021 — Turkey""s first Renewable Energy Equipment and Service Exporters Association will be established in İzmir, dubbed ""the wind capital of ...

Turkish Machine Companies Machine Manufacturers

Machine  Companies Turkey Machine Turkish Manufacturers List

Machine Turkey,  Machine Turkey Companies, Turkish  Machine Manufacturers,  Machine Made in Turkey  Machine Exporters Turkey Turkish  Machine Suppliers Manufacturing Company Turkey  Machine Manufacturers List Turkey Turkish Company İstanbul Ankara İzmir Konya Antalya

Turkish  Machine , Turkey  Machine Manufacturers/Suppliers and Exporters b2b Directory. High Quality  Machine from Turkish Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters Companies in Turkey.

Machine production or trade of firms in Turkey,  Machine industry and export companies Turkish companies  A to Z guide catalog on this web portal containing their addresses and contact information are listed as.

You can find Turkish  Machine Industry Firms in the link below quickly. Turkish  Machine production Exporting to  your companies in the field of  Machine and importing / purchasing  Machine in the field you can use the catalog pages for free.

In the industrial and commercial cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Konya, Bursa, Adana and Gaziantep you can search for exporting  Machine companies here.

Turkey is a major producer of manufacturing and trading of  Machine industry in Europe and the world very affordable prices.

Top Turkish  Machine Companies List

Machine Turkey 

  • Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Konya Turkey 
  • Packaging Machine Exporters Istanbul Turkey
  • Textile Machine Manufacturersa Bursa Turkey 
  • Machine Industry Companies Izmir  Turkey 
  • Machine Spare Parts Suppliers Turkey 
  • Packing Machine Turkey 
  • Cutting Machine Turkey 
  • Welding Machines Turkey 
  • Construction Machinery Turkey 

Welding Machine Turkey Packing Machines Turkey Agriculture Machine Turkey Cnc Machine Turkey Grinding Machine Turkey Filling Machine Turkey Filling Machines Turkey Milling Machine Turkey Agriculture Machines Turkey Laser Machine Turkey Food Processing Machines Turkey Machine Carpet Turkey Food Processing Machine Turkey Metal Machine Turkey Lathe Machine Turkey Milling Machines Turkey Marble Machine Turkey.

  • Machine Tools Turkey 
  • Construction Machines Turkey 
  • Woodworking Machines Turkey 
  • Washing Machine Turkey 
  • Food Machines Turkey 
  • Packaging Machinery Turkey 
  • Cnc Machines Turkey 

Plastic Machines Turkey Cutting Machines Turkey Plastic Machine Turkey Drilling Machine Turkey Woodworking Machinery Turkey Cutter Machine Turkey Machineries Turkey Marble Machines Turkey Machine Spare Part Turkey Printing Machine Turkey Machine Equipment Turkey Agriculture Machinery Turkey Machinery Spare Parts Turkey Machinery Parts Turkey Printing Machines Turkey Agricultural Machineries Turkey Plastic Machinery Turkey Metal Processing Machines Turkey Industrial Machines Turkey Machine Carpets Turkey Drilling Machines Turkey Farm Machinery Turkey Milking Machines Turkey Machine Part Turkey Milking Machine Turkey Food Machinery Turkey Work Machine Turkey Bakery Machines Turkey Machine Tool Turkey Bending Machine Turkey Grinding Machines Turkey Bandsaw Machine Turkey Workshop Machinery Turkey Food Processing Machinery Turkey Washing Machines Turkey Laser Cutting Machine Turkey Precision Machined Parts Turkey Heavy Duty Machines Turkey Industrial Machine Turkey Machinery Equipment Turkey Furniture Machine Turkey Press Machine Turkey Farming Machines Turkey Heavy Duty Machine Turkey Agriculture Machineries Turkey Machine Equipments Turkey Router Machine Turkey Mining Machinery Turkey Elevator Machine Turkey Liquid Filling Machine Turkey Polishing Machine Turkey Carpentry Machines Turkey Metal Processing Machine Turkey Bending Machines Turkey Sewing Machine Turkey Work Machines Turkey Furniture Machinery Turkey Casting Machine Turkey Farming Machine Turkey Dough Kneading Machine Turkey Saw Machine Turkey Metal Machines Turkey Flour Milling Machinery Turkey Engraving Machine Turkey Concrete Block Machine Turkey Heavy Machine Parts Turkey Cnc Machinery Turkey Machine Wood Turkey Bakery Machine Turkey Stamping Machine Turkey Labeling Machine Turkey Machinery Wood Turkey Wrapping Machine Turkey Spraying Machines Turkey Cleaning Machines Turkey Industrial Machinery Turkey Spraying Machine Turkey Chocolate Machine Turkey Dough Kneading Machines Turkey Concrete Machine Turkey Marking Machine Turkey Flour Machine Turkey Shrink Machine Turkey Marble Polishing Machine Turkey Sewing Machines Turkey Block Machine Turkey Mining Machine Turkey Granite Machine Turkey Flour Milling Machine Turkey Hydraulic Machines Turkey Textile Machine Parts Turkey Chocolate Machines Turkey Pvc Machines Turkey Coffee Machine Turkey Lathe Machine Parts Turkey Feed Machine Turkey Flour Milling Machines Turkey Polishing Machines Turkey Construction Machinery Parts Turkey Bread Slicing Machine Turkey Turning Machine Turkey Farm Machines Turkey Dyeing Machine Turkey Heavy Machine Turkey  Cnc Milling Machines Spinning Machine Hydraulic Machine Capping Machine Pipe Bending Machine Edge Banding Machine Dairy Machine Labeling Machines Bread Machine Yarn Machine Concrete Machines Ice Machine Bakery Machinery Dough Machine Crushing Machine Harvesting Machine Dough Machines Knitting Machine Weaving Machinery Hoeing Machine Bridge Cutting Machine Machinery Industry Cleaning Machine Mining Machines Pipe Bending Machines Woodworking Machine Bread Slicing Machines Drying Machine Press Machines Moulding Machine Etching Machine Weaving Machine Feed Machines Shrink Machines Agricultural Machinery Parts Heavy Machines Ice Machines Heavy Machinery Plasma Cutting Machines Recycling Machines Brick Machine Concrete Block Machines Sowing Machine Flexo Printing Machine Marble Machinery Weighing Machine Harvesting Machines Shot Blasting Machine Molding Machine Textile Machineries Agricultural Machine Parts Drying Machines Cnc Milling Machine Textile Machinery Parts Office Machines Block Cutting Machine Machine Made Carpet Wood Working Machine Dairy Machinery Food Packaging Machines Liquid Filling Machines Farming Machinery Welding Machinery Casting Machines Heavy Duty Machinery Injection Machine Feed Machinery Flour Mill Machine Sealing Machine Wheat Machine Sanding Machines Plasma Cutting Machine Metal Processing Machinery Recycling Machine Laser Marking Machine Metalworking Machines Loom Machine Marble Cutting Machine Processing Machines Food Packaging Machine Metal Machinery Folding Machine Biscuit Machines Plastic Injection Machines Dairy Machines Vertical Packaging Machines Workshop Machines Farm Machine Laser Machines Carpet Cleaning Machine Work Machine Parts Carpet Washing Machine Automatic Packing Machine Bread Machines Mask Machine Machine Automation Spinning Machinery Multiple Sizing Machine Special Machines Wood Working Machines Stacking Machines Plastic Injection Machine Second Hand Machines Milling Machinery Flour Mill Machines Silage Machine Hoeing Machines Sizing Machine Block Machines Metalworking Machinery Labelling Machine Coating Machine Feed Mixing Machine Biscuit Machine Machine Made Carpets Machine Spares Mill Machine Work Machine Part Glass Processing Machine Boring Machines Coil Winding Machine Profile Bending Machines Pipe Machines Edge Banding Machines Injection Machines Processing Machine Shrink Packaging Machines Capping Machines Pvc Machine Roll Forming Machine Machinery Part Construction Machine Part Concrete Pipe Machines Industrial Washing Machines Concrete Pipe Machine Carpet Machine Punching Machine Cable Machine Pipe Machine Metal Working Machines Blasting Machine Stacking Machine Milk Processing Machines Flour Packing Machine Automatic Packaging Machines Shearing Machine Grinder Machine Inverter Welding Machines Folding Machines Candy Machines Plastic Recycling Machines Knitting Machines Sowing Machines Dyeing Machines Surface Grinding Machines Coffee Machines Machine Spare Laser Cutting Machines Mill Machines Sanding Machine Glass Machine Sandblasting Machine Boring Machine Flour Mill Machinery Bagging Machine Custom Machinery Wrapping Machines Vacuum Machines Packing Machinery Labelling Machines Pvc Machinery Grain Milling Machines Grain Milling Machine Baling Machine Concrete Machinery Wet Wipes Machine Wood Processing Machine Tea Machine Cable Machines Flour Packing Machines Block Making Machine Agricultural Machine Products Rolling Machine Dough Processing Machines Concrete Paving Machine Dairy Processing Machine Corner Cleaning Machines Silage Machines Vertical Packing Machine Automatic Packaging Machine Screening Machines Spot Welding Machines Horizontal Packaging Machines Horizontal Packaging Machine Candy Machine Cnc Lathe Machine Waffle Machine Lamination Machines Vertical Packaging Machine Chocolate Coating Machine Agriculture Machinery Parts Wire Drawing Machine Building Machinery Animal Feed Machine Zipper Machine Thermoform Machine Vacuum Packaging Machine Cnc Machine Tools Construction Machineries Fertilizer Machine Strapping Machines Lift Machine Vending Machine Carpet Washing Machines Office Machine Bakery Machineries Bread Making Machine Toast Machine Industrial Cleaning Machines Textile Machine Products Textile Machine Product Pressing Machine Custom Machine Mincing Machine Machine-Made Carpet Agriculture Machine Products Agriculture Machine Product Agricultural Machine Product Slitting Machine Spot Welding Machine Wood Processing Machines Planting Machine Grain Machine Pvc Processing Machines Vacuum Machine Business Machines Milk Processing Machine Pastry Machines Pipe Welding Machine Turkish Delight Machine Chocolate Machinery Feed Mixing Machines Profile Cutting Machine Olive Oil Machine Milk Machine Construction Machine Parts Blow Molding Machine Dough Cutting Machines Machinery Automations Heavy Machinery Parts Marble Cutting Machines Universal Milling Machines Special Machine Lifting Machine Cnc Cutting Machine Paint Machine Balancing Machine Mixing Machine Wood Machine Glass Washing Machine Custom Machine Parts Furniture Machines Granite Machines Plaster Machine Paper Machine Oil Filling Machine Custom Machines Dough Cutting Machine Dishwashing Machine Fabric Printing Machine Drilling Machinery Cnc Machinery Parts Forming Machines Deburring Machine Planting Machines Screening Machine Plastic Recycling Machine Metal Machine Parts Coating Machines Embossing Machine Flexo Printing Machines Bread Packaging Machine Tahini Machine Machinery Spare Part Harvesting Machinery Bag Machines Roasting Machines Dough Rolling Machines Medical Mask Machine Cnc Machine Tool Plastic Machineries Car Washing Machines Plastic Machinery Parts Plastics Machinery Printing Machinery Machinery Molds Rubber Machine Ceramic Machines Dough Processing Machine Wood Processing Machinery Elevator Machines Machinery Tool Industrial Washing Machine Surface Grinding Machine Milk Machines Detergent Filling Machines Flour Machines Custom Machinery Parts Custom Machine Building Custom Machine Production Machine Manufacturing Industrial Cleaning Machine Textile Printing Machine Transfer Printing Machine Crushing Machines Automatic Machine Feed Machineries Metal Working Machine Lift Machines Slicing Machines Profile Machines Dairy Processing Machinery Fertilizing Machines Thermoforming Machine Fabric Cutting Machine Leather Machine Leather Machines Food Packing Machines Butt Welding Machines Steel Machines Aluminium Machines Cake Machine

Bursa Manufacturers Exporters List A

Bursa Manufacturers Exporters List A

Baby Clothes Turkey

Baby Clothes Turkey Baby Clothes Turkish

Baby Clothes Turkey, Baby Clothes Turkey Companies, Turkish Baby Clothes Manufacturers, Baby Clothes Made in Turkey Baby Clothes Exporters Turkey Turkish Baby Clothes Suppliers Manufacturing Company Turkey Baby Clothes Manufacturers List Turkey Turkish Company İstanbul Ankara İzmir Konya Antalya

Turkish Baby Clothes , Turkey Baby Clothes Manufacturers/Suppliers and Exporters b2b Directory. High Quality Baby Clothes from Turkish Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters Companies in Turkey.

Turkey prefabricated buildings, prefabricated houses, prefabricated offices, prefabricated workplaces, containers, steel constructions, construction steels, prefabricated building, prefabricated house, prefabricated office, prefabricated workplace, container, steel construction, construction steel, prefabricated worksites, prefabricated office buildings, prefabricated dining halls, prefabricated dorms, prefabricated hospital buildings, prefabricated wc buildings, prefabricated shower buildingsAs Akmoda Prefabrik we manufacture and supply prefabricated buildings, prefabricated houses, prefabricated offices, prefabricated workplaces, containers, steel constructions, Phone: +90 224 444 28 60 Address: Karaman Mah., Gürbüzler Cad. No:15, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey

Turkey prefabricated buildings, prefabricated houses, prefabricated offices, prefabricated workplaces, containers, steel constructions, construction steels, prefabricated building, prefabricated house, prefabricated office, prefabricated workplace, container, steel construction, construction steel, prefabricated worksites, prefabricated office buildings, prefabricated dining halls, prefabricated dorms, prefabricated hospital buildings, prefabricated wc buildings, prefabricated shower buildingsAs AKMODA PREFABRIK A.S. we manufacture and supply prefabricated buildings,
prefabricated houses, prefabricated offices, prefabricated workplaces, containers, steel constructions, Phone: +90 5338971330 Address: Ankara Cad., No:583 Kestel, Bursa, Turkey

Turkey plastic pipe, plastic pipes, plastic pvc pipe, plastic pvc pipes, plastic clean water pipes, pvc window profiles, pvc door profiles, pvc door profile systems, pvc window profile systems, drinking water networks pipes, agricultural irrigation networks pipes, waste water network pipes, sewer network pipes, industrial facility pipes, fire network pipes, swimming pool pipes, drain line pipes, cable protection and insulation pipes, water supply network pipes, drinking water pipesAKANSU GROUP started in 1915 with glass production in Kayseri. In time the company stepped in double glazing sector and started to manufacture Plastic window and door profile Phone: +90 352 321 36 77 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 10. Cad. No:6, Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkey

Clothes, garments, readywears, ready wears, clothings, fabrics, furnishings, furnitures, shoes, footwears, underwears, lingeries, kids wears, wears, girl garments, kids garments, kids clothings, sports shoes, sports shoes, cloth..Turkish Manufacturers Company, Companies Turkey,  Manufacturers Turkey, Manufacturing Turkey, Producers Turkey, Turkish Suppliers, in Turkey, of Turkey .. Phone Number: +90 224 223 11 16 Address: Anadolu Mah., Alışkan Sk. 2-2, Yıldırım, Bursa, Turkey

Konya Export Companies

Konya Exporter Companies List

Afl Yapı Ltd. Şti Jamb Decorative Panels Building
Agrose Tarim Makinalari Pulverizators Atomizers Pulverizers Spraying Machines Sprayers
Ahmet Asansör Ltd Şti Elevators Elevator systems  Elevator panels Elevator cabins Elevator doors
Aksa Silah Ltd Şti. Arms Rifles Guns Weapons Pistols Blank firing guns Blank cartridge pistols Lever actions
ALM Damper A.Ş. Trailer Dumper
Anil Yataganli A.S. Agricultural Machines Planting Machines Spraying Machines Fertilizing
Aniz Tarım Ltd Sti Agriculture Machines Post Hole Diggers Hole Diggers Lifting Arms Konya
Atespar Motorlu Ltd Sti Agricultural Machines Implements Farming potato Planting Disc Mower
Bacasan Doğalgaz Ltd Şti Chimneys Industrial chimneys Natural gas chimneys Cowls Building
Bildem Plastik Ltd Şti. Plastics Suspended ceilings Panellings Curtain rails Louvres Door panellings Window 
Biriz Tarim Ltd Sti Fresh Carrot Black Concentrate Lemon Lettuce Fruit Vegetable
Birlik Değirmen Ltd Şti Flour Milling machines Milling equipments Airtronic roller mill Bran brush
Bluenil Trd Makina Ltd Sti Agricultural Machines Sowing Planting Soil Preparation Machines 
Cağlayan Kimya A.S. Household Cleaning products, Powder Detergents Soaps
Celik Kaucuk Ltd Sti Hoses Industrial Agricultural Pvc Rubber Hose Plastic
Cetinkayalar Agricultural Agricultural Machines Threshers Straw Making Machines Seed Drills
Ceviksan Pulverizator Ltd Atomizers Pulverizators Guns Nozzles Valves Filters
Damak Makine Ltd Şti. Kitchenware Glassware Bakery Pastry Machines
Demir Packing  Packing Systems Packing Machines Agricultural Packing Systems Konya
Elitkon Plastik Ltd Sti Plastic Packages Crates Plastic Crates Plastic Cases Pastry Crates Konya
Feras Kimya Ltd Sti Pesticides Agricultural Pesticides Agricultural Chemicals  Konya
Ferhat Dokum Ltd Sti Gears Aluminum Alloy Gears Aluminum Castings Bronze Casting Steel
Filtron . Ltd Sti Filters Automatic Filters Turbocyclone Filters Media Filters Konya
Güçlü Plastik Ltd Şti Toilet Seats Covers Overflows Lavatory Traps Bath traps Flushes Siphons Building
Gümüş Makine Ltd Şti Turkish delight machinery Sesame Halva machines Flour sifting machine
Gümüşay Otomotiv Ltd Şti Automotive spare parts Auto springs Chassises Bmc Ford Mercedes spare parts
Hasmak Tarım Ltd Sti Agricultural Machines Mowers Rotary Drum Mowers Rotary Mowers 
Indeks Elektrik A.S.  Heavy Duty ve hicls Truck Trailers
Jetpak Plastik Ltd Şti Plastic packagings Thermoform packings Pe packings Viols Aluminum foils Plastic Bowls
Kolben Motor Ltd Şti Engine valves Valve guides Seats Motor vehicle parts Vehicle parts Auto Spare Parts
Konasya Isıtma Ltd Şti Cooling systems Coolers Cooling devices Refrigerated display cabinets
Konya Anadolu Ltd Sti Feed Machinery Feed Mixer Feed Mixer Wagon
Konya Elmak AS Electrical Materials Led Flourescents Led Armatures Led Bulbs
Konya Saraylı  Ltd Şti Portable Ladders Stairs Clothes Dryers Ironing Boards Home Appliances
Mevlüt Ceylan Ltd Şti Gears Gearboxes Differential kits boxes Transmission pinions Auto Spare Parts Bevel
Ontar Tarım Ltd Sti Agricultural Tools Garden Pulverizators Spraying Arms Konya
Oz Safalar Şekerleme Ltd Food Contectionery Candy Turkish Delights
Ozbir Tarim . Ltd Sti Thresher Machines Stem Collecting Machines Straw Making
Ozen Is Tarim Tic. Ltd Sti Harvesting Machines Agricultural Machines Sugar Beet Harvesting
Ozhilpa Zuccaciye Ltd Sti Pulverizators Atomizers Atomisers Pulverizers Konya
Pars Alüminyum Ltd Şti Aluminum Railings Handrails Guardrails Balustrades Joints Flanges Knobs
Porlanmaz Ltd Şti. Ovens Rotary rack ovens Electrical deck ovens Rack ovens Deck ovens Mini deck ovens
Sagbili Makina Ltd Şti Packing Machines Filling machines
Samas Ayakkabıclık Ltd Şti Shoes Footwears Slippers Sandals Flip-flops Man shoes Men shoes
Saykar Buzdolabi Ltd Sti  Cooling systems Cake display cabinets Cold storages
Selcuk Umit Ltd. Sti Rims For Agricultural Machinery Rims For Tractor Konya
Selman Plastik Ltd Şti Plastic
SF Yıldız Makine Ltd Şti Gear Piston pumps Valves Power take offs Ptos Adapters Cardan shafts Auto Spares
Sismak Otomotiv Ltd Sti Diesel Pump Parts for Automotive
Soyda Otomotiv Ltd Sti Auto Spare Parts Tie Rods Steering Knuckles Ball Joints Tie-Rods
Sutork . Ltd Sti Irrigation Systems Agricultural Filters Plastic Filter
Temtar Tarim . Ltd Sti Harvesters Harvester Balers Baler Spare Parts Agricultural 
Tutkun Kardeşler Ltd Sti  Stone Picker Agricultural Machine
Uyanik Yataganli Ltd Sti  Agricultural Machine Harvesting Machines Soil Sowing Seeders Drills
Wirax Tarım Ltd Sti Agricultural Machines Equipments Farming Equipments
Yepar Otomotiv Ltd Şti Automotive spare parts Mirrors Foot steps Eraser sheets Door Window rubbers
Zenith Goods - Aformed Tanker Trailer Heavy Trucks
Köylü Tarım Ltd Şti Agricultural machineries Hoeing machines Cultivators Rotovators Cultivation machines
Hasan Kaya Çelik Ltd Steel constructions Heavy steel constructions Light steel Composit systems Incide core systems
Özaslan Tank Tanks Water tankers Galvanized Chrome tanks Multi-purpose storages Silos
Telefoncular Metal Ltd Şti Hot rolled  Structural steels Construction steels Flexion construction steels
Berat Soğutma Ltd Şti Cooling systems Coolers Industrial cooling systems Market showcases Drink showcases
Endülüs Krom Ltd Şti Chrome tanks Food filters Filters Filling machines Turnkey food facilities Pumps
Mustafa Durna A.Ş. Plastic furnitures Sitting groups Decorative products Coffee tables Plastic moulds Park
HMS Özceylanlar A.Ş. Bent axial pumps Cardan shaft Gear pumps Hydraulic cylinder Piston pumps Pto

Turkish Brands - Turkey Manufacturer Companies List By Sectoral Directory

Turkish Manufacturer Companies List By Sectoral Directory:


BrandBrand ManagementCookware Brands
BrandingBrandedBrand Pots
Sock BrandsBrand NameBrand Name Creation
Branded ClothingBrandaBranded Medicines
BrandsBranded PharmaceuticalsCrusher Brands


Air Rifles Brands in Turkey
Airgun Turkey Brands Turkey
Armchair Brands Turkey
Baby Clothing Bursa Brands in Turkey
Bathrobe Brands in Denizli Turkey
Boilers Brands in Turkey İstanbul
Box Boxes Packaging Brands in Turkey
Brake Disc - Konya Brands in Turkey
Brake Pad Brands in Turkey İzmir
Car Batteries Top 10 Brands in Turkey 
Carded Yarns Brands in Turkey Kahramanmaraş
Cartoons Factory - Brands in Turkey
Catering Oils - Foods Brands in Turkey
Composite Brands in Turkey
Pistols Brands in Turkey

Best known stationery brands Turkish eyewear brands cosmetics brand in Turkey exhaust fans brands in Turkey branded Turkey clothes brand distribution istanbul Turkish vcb brands fashion Turkish brands muslim women clothes brands fashion in Turkey Turkish pajamas brands wonderful line Turkish brand best cookware brand Turkey best Turkish brand of fridge fashion brand present in Turkey say brand textile Turkey Turkey branded tracksuits brand name fashion Turkey brands brand made in Turkey Turkish bag brands branding company produce in Turkey new brands in Turkey Turkish truck brands Turkish yarn brands Turkish suit brands z Turkish women's clothing brands wholesale Turkish brands of jewellery survivor Turkish clothe brand Turkish branded clothing ashlek Turkish brand brands glasses Turkish brand t shirt Turkey. Where to manufacture your own brand of pumps china brandsž Turkey brands what are the baby formula brands. Manufactured in Turkish retail shops Turkish fashion brands list 20mm compression gland Turkish brand cotto brand Turkey estás aquí obrando en mi de una niña make your own candy brand in Turkey mercan Turkish brand Turkish copy brands Turkish women shoes brands modest linen clothes Turkey brands Turkish shoes brand list how can i get the copy brand of handbag in alibaba Turkish furniture brands bedrooms 200 cm x 200 Turkis brand Turkish clothes brands brand machine Turkey. Turkish accessories brands Turkish international brands companies to brand makeup products in Turkey meri brand Turkey rotary smart garage Turkish brand branded Turkish sofabeds Turkish shoe brand Turkey dress brands best furniture brands in Turkey Turkish suit brands Turkish small fashion brands Turkish tire brands Turkish swimwear brand Turkey ladies fashion 3 pcs brands Turkish office furniture brands Turkish home accessories brands is morich chinos a brand in Turkey Turkish brand clothes brand bag Turkey leaf springs Turkey brands

Turkish Leather Shoes Brands

Evening gowns brand Turkey zirkey brands of shoes Turkish brand baby clothes Turkish bra brand abc Turkish brand jeans Turkey brands Turkish home textile brands Turkish shotgun brands Turkish brand sport clothing electric stove brands list Turkey electric machine to separate butter from milk Turkish brand Turkish hospital branding on behance fashion brands in Turkey brand clothes from Turkey Turkish shoes brands pyjama femme made in Turkey brand Turkish baby clothes brand tumurj mcqueen brand policy shoes brand Turkey copy branded clothes Turkey luxury brand Turkish towels made in Turkey Turkish pancakes with spread brand Turkish clothes cover brands slack adjusters Turkish brands Turkidh sports brands Turkish mattress brands Turkish brands that ship worldwide Turkey night dress brands clothing brands in Turkey big brands Turkey johnson Turkey cosmetics brand clouds brands Turky xside brand Turkey Turkish cosmetic brands Turkey brand buster wator pump Turkish furniture brands Turkey brand clothes whitch brands of guns are made in Turkey Turkish electrical brands tuva shawl brand from Turkey direct selling makeup brands from Turkey make up brands Turkey manufacturer of biodegraded branded parks in Turkey imitation brand clothing class a Turkey Turkish brandy Turkey pasta brands dbrand skin from Turkey country Turkish jeans brands my brand made in Turkey.

Top 10 Turkish clothing brands.

Turkish cosmetics brands international clothing brands of Turkey Turkey pamper brands Turkey factories selling big brands clothing concrete factory brands in Turkey dental Turkish brand qlux brand Turkey Turkish confectionery brands Turkish good brands for clothes 2019 Turkish brand for wooden Turkish clothes brands in istanbul superbrands middle east uae com best clothing brands in Turkey list of Turkish fashion brand Turkish home wear brands ten large Turkey cocoa brand carpet tile Turkish brand brands Turkey imitation electronic brand made in Turkey list of swimwear brands companies in Turkey made in Turkey sute brands Turkish t shirt brands hamsa bracelet Turkish brand Turkish brands tugba stream selim kayra jeans brand Turkey Turkish cloth brands in bodrumTurkish brands clothing jingping brand in china best Turkish shoes brand medical brands at Turkish Turkish brand sassofono deko brand fridge Turkey Turkish biscuit brands Turkish women's clothing brands cheap Turkish brand tranformer vitello Turkey brands Turkey wholsale.

Branded clothing boyfriend jeans copy of brands Turkey Turkish textile brands supplier of well known brands of cosmetics divine brand Turkey brand tags Turkey new brand site Turkish textile brands Turkey tuk Turkish brand Turkish brands for perfumes copies of branded clothes from Turkey lipsticks made in Turkey brands Turkish wear furniture brands Turkish kids clothes brands branded clothing from Turkey Turkish makeup brands oven Turkish brand kinetix shoes brand made in Turkey brand company thermal legging Turkish brand lacarte brand in Turkey brand products from Turkey best Turkish brands of mens suits Turkish shoe brands list best men shoes brands vitra brand in Turkey diamond brand bullet proof doors from Turkey hollow automatic machinery rose gold high quality api men's high quality luxury brand watches high end free shipping kashkaval cheese from Turkey brands in lebanese supermarkets Turkish brands clothes acriva reviol Turkish brand Turkish brand china brand electronics clearance export 

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Kuzgunlar Textile  Turkishexporter  Turkish Export  Tsb   Teksan  Silver Galaxy Marble  Malva Kozmetik  Teksan Generator  Denizli Textile Manufacturer  Fbu  Vending Machine  Excalibur Laptop  Kolarc S  Bien Ceramic  Turkish Doors  Turkish Wholesale  Meysu  Gtrack Fleetweb  Guard Istanbul  Tur Type Holding Furnaces  Turkey Wholesale Products  Fimak  Dina Vanelli  Bebak  Turkey Products  Zimir Tools  Morfose Ossion  Zühre Tekeli  Reyhan Carpet  Erse Cable  Manufacturers  Uçantay Gıda  Kristal Olive Oil  Histas  ترکان مارکت  Stm Savunma Teknolojileri Muhendislik Ve Ticaret A.S.  Abc Sealants  Bateks Iç Giyim  Beybi Gloves  Volt Motors  Best Transformer  Makel Smarthome  Pakkens  Istanbul Address Generator  Rescara  Makelsan Ups  Pilsan Toys  Turkey Wholesale Suppliers  Best Transformer Turkey  Bersemo Mobilya  Destek Amortisör  فرش تامارا  Manufacturer  Turkıshexporter  Türkishexporter.

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China Export Import Companies

China Export Import Companies

China Export Import Companies

Sheet Metal Equipment China
Fashion Pajamas, Home Clothes
Polyester satin ribbon from China
Bottle Blowing Machine China
Butt welded pipe fitting and Flange - Cangzhou / China
Transistors & diodes, specialized in IR, Fairchild, NS - China
Want to sell led part to you
Material For Power Cable And Optical Cable
Automatic Press Machines
Kitchen Mats, Door Mats, Yoga Mats
Lamp Shell, Lampshade, All Kinds Of Lighting Accessories
Soda Ash China
Camera China
Freight Forwarder In China

Sheet Metal Equipment China

Dear purchasing manager,

Hello,this Shen Zhenghua from Zhenjiang Yuanda Metal Products company,We are specialized in manufacturing sheet metal equipment, CNC shearing machine.  Bending machine. Punch, etc. , made in China, cheap and good.So we want to avail ourselves of opportunity establishing business relation with you.

If you want to know more about our product, free sample are available.
Thank you in advance!
Best regards

Company Name: Zhenjiang Yuanda Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86 18726038361
Fashion Pajamas, Home Clothes

Hi, my friend.

The company focuses on pajamas home clothing for 20 years, products home clothing, pajamas, warm underwear and other series.Products have been sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, Central Asia and other regions. The company to "fast fashion pajamas, can wear home clothes" as the highest purpose, sincere service to all female friends.With avantgarde, fashion, professional design, material selection, comfortable performance materials, advanced manufacturing equipment, exquisite craftsmanship, honest, simple and rigorous work style, carefully create every Wanghua product. Hope to become a partner with you, hand in hand for development!

Telephone:+86 15975550138
WeChat: +8615975550138

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am very glad to find you from internet and know you import ribbon products, I’m Jennifer zhao from Changle Glitter
Trading Co,Ltd, we specialize in all kinds of ribbon items .

We mainly produce and export the following ribbon items:

Polyester satin ribbon, single face, common quality
Polyester satin ribbon, double face, common quanlity
Polyester satin ribbon, single face, best quality
Polyester satin ribbon, double face, best quality
Grosgrain ribbon
Nylon organza ribbon
Organza ribbon with satin edge

Organza ribbon with satin edge + gold or silver line
Gold or silver metallic ribbon
Color metallic ribbon
Printed ribbon(Satin, Grosgrain, Organza with dot, star, flower printing, or the other new design printing)
Checker ribbon/Gingham ribbon

Cotton ribbon and lace and so on If you have demand of the above ribbon items, please do not hesitate to contact me, then
we will offer you very best price, thank you.

If you have demand of the other ribbon items, you can show us the samples or photos, let us check if we can produce,
thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Jennifer Zhao

Bottle Blowing Machine China

Dear Mr. / ms:

Thank you for reading this email, we begin from 1999 production of bottle blowing machine, more than 30 countries to
use, can be blown into various shapes and sizes of plastic bottle, PET bottle, PP bottle, PE bottle,  that can hold water, coke,
fruit juice, edible oil, cosmetics, medicine, etc., are widely used.

We also provide supporting equipment and raw materials, such as filling machine, air compressor, storage tank, chiller, air
dryer, bottle preforms and machine spare parts. etc.If you need a good supplier, you can contact us and wish we can
become business friends, look forward to your reply.

Wechat  :zbg127;
phone: +086  17717866840

Butt welded pipe fitting and Flange - Cangzhou / China

Dear Sir,

Good day ,dear

Our factory major offer products ,as follow :

1.Butt welded pipe fitting and Flange : Elbow,Reducer ,Tee ,Bend pipe ,Flange ,Insulating Joint ,Insulating Flange .
2.Steel pipe : Seamless steel pipe ,welded steel pipe ,ERW pipes .
3.Steel Rails : Crane Rail ,Heavy Rail,Light Rail
If there is any interest  product ,plase send me at any time .
Waiting for your kind reply .
Best regards

Sales Manager
ADD:South Industrial Area Yanshan Country,Cangzhou City , Province,China
TEL:  +86 (317) 3025780
FAX:  +86 (317) 3200713
CEL:  0086 15369833957
Skype : swallow04191
Whatsapp: +86 15369833957
QQ: 741212005
Website :

Transistors & diodes, specialized in IR, Fairchild, NS - China

Dear Customer,
We are an agent for transistors & diodes, specialized in IR, Fairchild, NS, ST, ON, Infineon and Diodes.
All parts are original sealed from manufacturers! Looking forward to your daily RFQs, we'll offer you
more better price and more better

Thank you!
Best Regards!

Vio Chan
Sales Director

Tel: +86-755-84522096
Fax: +86-755-28345197
skype: viochan928
Want to sell led part to you

We are professinonal manufacturer of PMMA sheet, PS diffuser sheet , reflective flim in China and have been in this field for
years. If you are interested in our products, please contact me my email. Thanks

Name Surname : Lawren Ren
Tel / Fax : 86-13805721588 /
Material For Power Cable And Optical Cable

We are Chinese factory supply all kinds of the material for power cable and optical cable. We export all kinds of steel wire,
wire strand,Optical Fibre and accessories.
We have over 1000 customers in the world, If you have any enquiry at this hand, we must supply the best price and service
for you.

Amouring cable--- wire diameter 0.20-8.0mm
1, Low carbon galvanized wire for armouring cable.(EN10257-1 and EN10244-2)
Overhead cable--- all kinds of wire and strand
2,High Carbon wire and Strand - (ASTM B498 and ASTM A475)
3,Aluminum Clad Steel Wire and Strand (ASTM B502 and ASTM B415)
4,Galfan(5% Al and 95% zinc) wire and strand (ASTM A855)
5,Copper clad steel wire and strand (ASTM B452)
6,Aluminium Alloy wire and strand
7,Armour rods, guy grip dead end and All kinds of accessories in the cable.
Optical cable -- optical Fiber and reinforce wire and stand (on spools)
8,steel wire and strand use in the optical cable.

Looking forward to cooperate with your company !
Best regards

No.11 youyi road, haigang district, Qinhuangdao, China.
Tel: 0086-335-5992097
Fax: 0086-335-3522682
Skype: yisha119
We Chat & Zalo: 0086 13780380875
Automatic Press Machines

Dear friends,

It's my pleasure to contact you.

We mainly produce shoe machines and automatic press machines.
If you need to send me information, I will give you a detailed introduction.
Nice day.

Email address:,
Telephone: +86 13500094390   +86 18922945365
WeCat:13500094390   18922945365
Contact person: David.Li.  Caroline Che
Kitchen Mats, Door Mats, Yoga Mats

Dear Sirs,

It is glad to write to you with keen hope to open a business relationship with you.
I obtained your company name and email address from the Internet.
Sunshine factory is a factory specialized in kitchen mats,door mats,yoga mats,etc.
Back to me for more info.
Mobile/WhatsApp:0086 15869393066
Lamp Shell, Lampshade, All Kinds Of Lighting Accessories

Dear Purchasing Manager:

Hello, I am a salesman for lighting accessories factory, our factory is a professional production
of lamp shell, lampshade, all kinds of lighting accessories. I hope to take this opportunity to
establish cooperation  relationship with your company, if you want to know more about our
products, please contact me.

Best wishes
Tel: 18630668530
Contact: Mr. Zhang
WeChat: 18630668530
Soda Ash China

This is Eric from Qingdao China. We supply soda ash (Na₂CO₃) in stable quantity and delivery. Our factory's productivity is
approx 1.5million MT per year, able to ensure your continuous production needs.

As you may know, China soda ash market is very good recently, many companies focused on domestic market and reduced
exporting. We can ensure the exporting delivery and attractive price. Offer upon your requirements.

Best Regards
Eric WU

Qingdao Joyfuda Industry Co., Ltd.
Tel/Fax: +86 532 8908 6895
Mob/Wechat/Whatsapp: +86 18153218695
Add: No.577 Huaguan Road, Hi-tech District, Qingdao China
Camera China

I am Jenny from Yolitec Electronics Limited, glad to tell you Yolitec doing promotion for you.
Promotion: buy 20pcs (one carton), the price will be REDUCE TO USD65/unit,
ORIGINAL PRICE: USD69/unit, if buy 10pcs, the price is USD67/unit.

Welcome some samples to test.
I am looking forward to your early reply.
Best regards,
Jenny Yang

Email address:
Skype: jenny-yolitec
QQ: 247038233
Freight Forwarder In China


Our company is a first-class freight forwarder in China. And own over 100 employees offer you best services. Our head
office locate in Shenzhen and now we have our own office in Hongkong, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai with sub-
agents all over China. We maily have service to United States of America and Central and South America. . And we have
signed contract with many carrier like H-SUD ;K-LINE,MSC ,CCNI ,MSK ,COSCO ,PIL ,EMC ,APL ,PIL ,CSCL etc

Also with airline like, LA ,KE ,EK ,AA ,TR,ZH,FD,MI;HU;UPS;UW;MU;CA;CZ;CX;AZ;QT;CM;AZ;UC;PO;AK;SU;TG;HU;SQ;ET;Also
with courier like UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX etc .

Our service include:
• Freight forwarding (sea/air/courier/FR/RF/OT/RO/RO)
• DDP &DDU service
• Package cargo
• Import &Export cargo
• Pre-Shipment Inspection
• Supply Chain Management
• Sea-Rail Multimodal Transport
• Custom clearing & Cargo Inspection
• Bonded warehouse services
• Dispatch the last mile in all PRC
• Offer export & import license
• Warehousing &Trucking
•FBA service
•Eurasian railway's  service
• Factory inspection and goods inspection

In China , most of factories haven't the import and export docs , when they haven't , we can provide the service to help
them ship their cargo smoothly . It is a pleasure to wait for you comments and news. Hope my information can benefit you!
Let's keep in touch and generate mutually beneficial business with you . If you need our services,please feel free to contact
me at any time with below information:

For more information you can visit our website :
Mobile No.:+86-13510884745   WeChat : 13510884745
QQ :962896887    Skype : yicheng.jack
Best Regards
Jack Lee

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