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Turkish Packaging Manufacturers List A

Turkish Packaging Manufacturers List A

Turkish Packaging Companies Companies Turkey Exporters Turkey Made in Turkey Turkish Suppliers Manufacturing Company Turkey Turkish Company Manufacturers List Turkey

Aluminium Pack Turkey
Automatic Packaging Turkey
Bags Packaging List Turkey
Box Packaging Manufacturers List Turkey
Caps For Food Packages Turkey
Corrugated Plastic Packaging Turkey
Custom Plastic Packaging Turkey
Flexible Packings Turkey
Flexible Packs Turkey
Flexible Plastic Packaging Turkey
Food Pack Case Turkey -
Food Pack Turkey
Food Packaging Turkey
Food Packing Labels Turkey
Food Packing Turkey
Hard Plastic Packaging Turkey
Iml Packing Turkey
Military Backpack Turkey
Oval Food Packages Turkey
Package Turkey
Packages Turkey
Packaging Industry Turkey
Packaging Machine Turkey
Packaging Machines Turkey
Packaging Printing Turkey
Packaging Products Turkey
Packaging Turkey
Packagings Turkey
Packing Film Turkey
Packing Films Konya Turkey
Packing Films Turkey
Packing For Agriculture Turkey
Packing For Cosmetic Turkey
Packing For Food Turkey
Packing For Medical Turkey
Packing Machine Turkey
Packing Machines Turkey
Packing Product Turkey
Packing Products Turkey
Packing Turkey
Packings Turkey
Packs Turkey
Paper Packaging Turkey
Box Turkey Packaging Turkish co.
Plastic Box Pack Turkey
Plastic Food Packages Turkey
Plastic Food Packaging Turkey
Plastic Food Packs Turkey
Plastic Pack Packaging Turkey
Plastic Pack Turkey
Plastic Package Turkey
Plastic Packages Turkey
Plastic Packaging Boxes Turkey
Plastic Packaging Equipment Turkey
Plastic Packaging Equipments Turkey
Plastic Packaging Machineries Turkey
Plastic Packaging Machinery Turkey
Plastic Packaging Material Turkey
Plastic Packaging Materials Turkey
Plastic Packaging Products Turkey
Plastic Packaging Turkey
Plastic Packagings Turkey
Plastic Packing Product Turkey
Plastic Packing Products Turkey
Plastic Packing Turkey
Plastic Packings Turkey
Plastic Packs Turkey
Plastic Packs Turkey - İstanbu & Ankara
Shrink Packaging Machine Turkey
Shrink Packaging Machines Turkey
Shrink Packaging Turkey
Shrink Packing Machine Turkey
Shrink Packing Machines Turkey
Small Plastic Packaging Turkey
Steel Packaging Turkey
Steel Packagings Turkey
Steel Packagings Turkey - Hatay
Steel Packing Turkey
Steel Packings Turkey
Tin Packages Turkey
Tin Packages Turkey - Konya OSB
Tin Packaging Turkey
Cardboard Packaging Turkey
Corrugated Board Packaging Turkey
Corrugated Box Packaging Turkey
Corrugated Packaging Turkey
Film Packaging Companies List Turkey
Pack Companies list Turkey
Paper Package Turkey
Paper Packages Turkey
Paper Packaging Products Turkey
Paper Packagings Turkey
Paper Packing Products Turkey
Paper Packing Turkey
Paper Packing Turkey Cankırı
Paper Packings Manufacturing Turkey
Paper Packings Turkey
Plastic Pack Company List Turkey
Tapes for Packaging Turkey
Box Turkey Boxes Turkey Cardboard Box Turkey Cardboard Boxes Turkey Gearbox Turkey Distribution Box Turkey Paper Box Turkey Gearboxes Turkey Breaker Box Turkey Pizza Box Turkey Corrugated Box Turkey Panel Box Turkey Carton Box Turkey Carton Boxes Turkey Paper Boxes Turkey Corrugated Cardboard Box Turkey Gift Box Turkey Boxer Turkey Box Enclosure Turkey Circuit Box Turkey Electrical Box Turkey Gift Boxes Turkey Printed Box Turkey Gear Box Turkey Pizza Boxes Turkey Plastic Box Turkey Corrugated Boxes Turkey Food Boxes Turkey Gear Boxes Turkey Plastic Boxes Turkey Wooden Boxes Turkey Power Box Turkey Storage Box Turkey Chocolate Box Turkey Chocolate Boxes Turkey Box Profile Turkey Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Turkey Storage Boxes Turkey Box Profiles Turkey Fuse Boxes Turkey Food Box Turkey Metal Box Turkey Box Production Turkey Tool Box Turkey Printed Boxes Turkey Offset Box Turkey Wooden Box Turkey Candy Boxes Turkey Box Corrugated Turkey Packaging Box Turkey Packing Box Turkey Pvc Box Turkey Cake Box Turkey Box Packing Turkey Wall Box Turkey.

Boxers Turkey Shoe Boxes Turkey Aluminum Box Turkey Valve Boxes Turkey Mail Box Turkey Fuse Box Turkey Safe Box Turkey Shipping Boxes Turkey Planetary Gearbox Turkey Design Box Turkey Box Packaging Turkey Archive Box Turkey Gearbox Parts Turkey Tin Box Turkey Cake Boxes Turkey Shoe Box Turkey Pita Box Turkey Paddle Box Turkey Toolbox Turkey Display Boxes Turkey Design Boxes Turkey Rigid Box Turkey Metal Boxes Turkey Round Boxes Turkey Light Box Turkey Toolboxes Turkey Packaging Boxes Turkey Product Boxes Turkey Cosmetic Boxes Turkey Pet Box Turkey Special Printed Boxes Turkey Pastry Boxes Turkey Boxes Corrugated Turkey Junction Box Turkey Worm Gearbox Turkey Shoes Boxes Turkey Folding Box Turkey Chicken Box Turkey Tool Boxes Turkey Box Spring Turkey Pallet Boxes.

Turkey Pastry Box Turkey Jewelry Boxes Turkey Junction Boxes Turkey Candy Box Turkey Jewelry Box Turkey Offset Printed Box Turkey Fruit Box Turkey Custom Box Turkey Square Boxes Turkey Box Printing Turkey Textile Boxes Turkey Offset Boxes Turkey Corrugated Paper Box Turkey Shoebox Turkey Delight Box Turkey Tissue Box Turkey American Box Turkey Hepa Filter Boxes Turkey Distribution Boxes Turkey Jewellery Boxes Turkey Boxer Short Turkey Aerosol Box Turkey Box Sections Turkey Gear Box Housing Turkey Fruit Boxes Turkey Lunch Box Turkey Cylinder Boxes Turkey Tea Boxes Turkey Folding Boxes Turkey Light Boxes Turkey Corrugated Paper Boxes Turkey Terminal Boxes Turkey Hand Tool Box.

Turkey Cd Box Turkey American Boxes Turkey Plastic Storage Boxes Turkey Telescopic Boxes Turkey Pita Boxes Turkey Meter Box Turkey Cardboard Corrugated Boxes Turkey Colored Corrugated Boxes Turkey Corrugated Bin Boxes Turkey Fish Box Turkey Lunchbox Turkey Box Springs Turkey Walk-In Box Turkey Steel Safe Box Turkey Control Boxes Turkey Carboxymethyl Cellulose Turkey Cylinder Box Turkey Baklava Boxes Turkey Decorative Boxes Turkey Rectangular Boxes Turkey Plastic Storage Box Turkey Transmission Boxes Turkey Box Products Turkey Gearbox Spare Parts Turkey Shoes Box Turkey Packing Boxes Turkey Separator.

Box Turkey Book Box Turkey Offset Printed Boxes Turkey Industrial Boxes Turkey Box Water Turkey Steering Boxes Turkey Box Tape Turkey Boxing Turkey Mail Boxes Turkey Jewellery Box Turkey Gabion Box Turkey Cosmetic Box Turkey Reducer Gearbox Turkey Industrial Gearboxes Turkey Mailing Boxes Turkey Wine Box Turkey Box Set Turkey Corrugated Box Factory Turkey Corrugated Box Industry Turkey Corrugated Box Packaging Turkey Pillbox Turkey Lock Box Turkey Tray Box Turkey Valve Box Turkey Telescopic Box Turkey Box Productions Turkey Glove Box Turkey Turkish Delight Boxes Turkey Turkish Delight Box Turkey Box Section Turkey Beam Box Turkey Safe Boxes Turkey Noodle Box Turkey Plastered Box Turkey Steering Box Turkey Gearbox Oil.

Turkey Plastic Packaging Boxes Turkey Vegetable Box Turkey Vegetable Boxes Turkey Moving Boxes Turkey Hamburger Box Turkey Control Box Turkey Battery Box Turkey Oval Boxes Turkey Round Box Turkey Tin Boxes Turkey Box Manufacturing Turkey Fancy Boxes Turkey Men Boxer Turkey Icebox Turkey Device Box Turkey Device Box Electrical Turkey Special Boxes Turkey Mud Box Turkey Fire Extinguisher Box Turkey Dump Boxtrailer Turkey Small Gearbox Turkey Box Cameras Turkey Corrugated Carton Box Turkey Promotion Box Turkey Cargo Box Turkey Box Product Turkey Men's Boxer Turkey Corrugated Board Box Turkey Lightbox Turkey Helical Gearbox Turkey Micro Laminated Boxes Turkey Archive Boxes Turkey Box Machine Turkey Watch Boxes Turkey Boxed Chocolates Turkey Cookie Box Turkey Supplies Boxes Turkey.

Cookie Boxes Turkey Ice Box Turkey Boxing Gloves Turkey Frigo Box Turkey Bread Box Turkey Micro-Boxes Micro-Boxes Turkey Section Box Turkey Pencil Boxes Turkey Gitterbox Turkey Shirt Box Turkey Special Design Boxes Turkey Promotion Boxes Turkey Burger Box Turkey Eyewear Box Turkey Gearbox Oils Turkey Large Boxes Turkey Worm Gearboxes Turkey Pie Boxes Turkey Angular Boxes Turkey Square Box Turkey Oval Box Turkey Square Box Profiles Turkey Hamburger Boxes Turkey Bus Gearboxes Turkey Truck Gearboxes Turkey Nuts Box Turkey Pvc Boxes Turkey Shirt Boxes Turkey Hydraulic Levelling Box Turkey Gear Box Housings Turkey Boxer Shorts Turkey Presentation Boxes Turkey Sandbox Turkey Fantasy Boxes Turkey Hanger Boxes Turkey Boxes Packaging Turkey Boxes Cardboard Turkey Box Cardboard Turkey Book Boxes Turkey Sweet Box Turkey.

Turkish Printing Printing Services Turkey

Printing Companies Turkey, Printing Manufacturers Turkey, Printing Manufacturing Turkey, Printing Producers Turkey, Turkish Printing Suppliers, in Turkey, of Turkey Istanbul Ankara Izmir

Printing Services / Label / Boxes / Cardboard / Carton / Packaging / Printing Service / Printing / Printing Paper / Color Printing / Packaging Printing / Card Printing / Magazine Printing / Booklet Printing / Leaflet Printing / Pamphlet Printing / Offset Printing / Digital Printing / Printing Products / Printing Business / Printing Machine / Printing Press / Screen Printing / Textile Printing / Printing Machines / Printing Papers / Quality Printing / Printing Materials / Flexo Printing / Flexo Printing Machine / Printing Works / Screen Printing Machine / Printing Press Products / Label Printing / Fabric Printing / Printing Inks / Transfer Printing Machine / Printing Machinery / Transfer Printing / Printing Ink / Printings / Flexo Printing Machines / Screen Printing Machines / Printing Equipments / Rotogravure Printing / Printing Equipment / Textile Printing Machine / Pad Printing / Offset Printing Products / Printing House / Printing Press Services / Uv Printing / Digital Printing Machines / Textile Printing Products / Sticker Printing /

Sanem Printing Inc. was established in 1976 in Ankara as a printing press company. In the 36 years since its establishment, it has been integrated into the international printing sector; has pioneered the development of the printing sector in Turkey and brought many innovative techniques and products to Turkey. It combines its knowledge and leadership with competent and trained human resources. After operating in its building of 6.000 m in Ankara Balgat for 15 years, it moved to its new complex of 16.000 m in Baskent Organised Industrial Area, situated on a 25.000 m block. It has become the second biggest wire comb binding production facility in Europe in terms of production capacity, and manufactures other high-technology products. We meet a considerable amount of Turkey’s and other countries' needs in various products. We export to more than 57 countries through our distribution network of four branches; one in Europe and three in Turkey. In order to conserve the continuity of our multinational customers’ satisfaction, we have been investing our gains into knowledge and technology. We would like to express our gratitude to all our customers and staff members for enabling us to reach our goal to be a pioneer company in our sector.

Printing Service Turkey Paper Packaging Turkey Office Materials Turkey Binding Products Turkey Bindings Turkey Binding Machines Turkey Bags Turkey Bag Handles Turkey Filaments Turkey Polyethylene Plasterings Turkey 3d Printers Turkey 3d Flimanents Turkey Cup Accessories Turkey Cups Turkey Carton Cups Turkey Paper Cups Turkey Food Boxes Turkey.

Manufacturers Turkey

GM ETIKET SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. labels, offsets, offset printings, printing, printing services, letterpess printings, flexo printings, adhesive labels, apparel tags, apparel labels, business labels, care labels, clothing labels, self adhesive labels, offset labels, textile labels, woven labels, label, offset, offset printing Our company GM ETIKET VE MATBAACILIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. has operated since 2007. Self adhesive labels, offset and agency services are some of our ma Phone Number: +90 212 438 22 58 Address: Oruç Reis Mah., Tekstilkent Tic. Merkezi A3 Blok No: 39-40, Esenler, İstanbul, Turkey

ZORBEY MATBAA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. packing, printing, notebooks, organizers, agendas, diaries, day books, day planners, leather pads, leather writing pads, pads, writing pads, promotion products, promotional products, promotion, promotional, blocknotes, calendars, packings, printings As Zorbey Matbaa we manufacture and supply packing, printing, notebooks, organizers, agendas, diaries, day books, day planners, leather pads, leather Phone Number: +90 212 528 48 10 Address: Maltepe Mah., Davutpaşa Cad., Güveniş Mrk. A Blok 64/65, Topkapı, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Turkey

ERTA KIMYA TIC. VE SAN. LTD. STI. print pastes, pastes, water based print pastes, plastisol print pastes, water based pastes, plastisol pastes, table materials, pattern materials, auxiliary materials, pigment dyes, dyes, fluorescent dyes, table printing doctor strippers, dcctor strippers, emission doctor strippers, doctor stripper rubbers, photo emissions, pattern thickeners, blue lacs, white table glues Our print paste dyeing activities have been started since the year 1979 and improved by our self-devotion and dense efforts we have given during thes Phone Number: +90 212 444 37 82 Address: İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Çevre Sanayi Sitesi 9.Blok NO:10-12, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey

KOVEKA SAN. VE DIS TIC. A.S. fabrics, knitted fabrics, polar fabrics, cotton fabrics, velsoft fabrics, velvet fabrics, viscose fabrics, acid printing fabrics, reactive printing fabrics, pigment printing fabrics, dispers printing fabrics, abrasion printing fabrics, devore printing fabrics, yarn, yarn dyeing, raw fabric, poliester fabric, fabric dyeing Koveka Textile which makes production in its mill located in Çorlu, Tekirdağ works with Quality Assurance Service and has a rich color lab and printi Phone Number: +90 282 676 42 37 Address: Velimeşe OSB Mah., 210 Sk. No: 11/1, Ergene, Tekirdağ, Turkey

NOYA GLOBAL SAN. VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI. fabric, fabrics, cloth, cloths, textiles, textile products, textile materials, textile items, print fabrics, printing fabrics, prints, printings, textile fabrics, woven fabrics, wovens, textile, textile product, textile material, textile item, print fabric As Noya Global we manufacture and supply fabric, fabrics, cloth, cloths, textiles, textile products, textile materials, textile items, print fabrics, Phone Number: +90 212 963 10 39 Address: Gayrettepe Mah., Yıldız Posta Cad., Akın Sitesi 1. Blok No: 6/20, Beşiktaş, İstanbul, Turkey

DURSAN PLASTIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. plastic, plastics, mold, molds, plastic mold, plastic molds, injection, injection printings, plastic injection printings, plastic injections, injection printing, plastic injection printing, plastic injection, injections, lighting component molds, chocolate molds, home appliances molds, construction component molds, automotive component molds, plastic component molds As Dursan Plastik we manufacture and supply plastic, plastics, mold, molds, plastic mold, plastic molds, injection, injection printings, plastic inje Phone Number: +90 212 875 39 84 Address: Yakuplu Mah., 83. Sk., No: 4/B, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey

SAR CAM SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. insulated glazing, igu units, architectural glass, glass, double glazing, safety & security glass, safety glass, security glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, glass sheets, lacquered glass, bullet proof, Grooving, Sandblasting, Beveling, Enamel Printing, Low E Glass, Solar Low E Glass, Solar Panel Glass Sar Cam is an architectural glass manufacturing company. Our company was founded in 1996 and started its business life as Sar Cam. The company has Phone Number: +90 262 349 23 14 Address: Karadenizliler Mh., Barbaros Cd., No:6, Başiskele, Kocaeli, Turkey

CANDAS IPEK TEKSTIL textile products, textile materials, fabrics, technical textiles, technical textile products, printing fabrics, screen printing fabrics, filter clothes, air filter clothes, water filter clothes, oil filter clothes, screen printing fabrics for textiles, screen printing fabrics for t-shirts, screen printing fabrics for garments, screen printing fabrics for glass, screen printing fabrics for ceramic tiles, screen printing fabrics for ceramic decals, screen printing fabrics for advertising materials, screen printing Candas Textile Founded by Hayrettin Candas, one of the first industrialists in Bursa, Candas Textile started the production of silk screen mesh in Phone Number: 5333591431 Address: Buttim Is Merkezi, C/5, No: 5150, Bursa, Turkey

DMK DIZAYN KALIP SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. moulds, molds, thermoform moulds, thermoform molds, machine moulds, machine molds, mould components, mold components, thermoform mould repair services, thermoform mould revision services, inserts, impellers, mats, felts, thermoform machine repair services, thermoform machine revision services, offset printing machine repair services, offset printing machine revision services, forming machines revision services, forming machines repair services Phone Number: +90 212 485 45 52 - +90 532 296 43 47 Address: İ.O.S.B., Eskoop Sanayi Sitesi, C-5 Blok, No: 241, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey

VERITAS BASIM MERKEZI TIC. A. S. printings, printing services, printing materials, magazines, catalogs, wire stitching catalogs, shoping bags, hard cover catalogs, kraft shopping bags, hard cover magazines, weekly newspapers, newspapers, monthly newspapers, cardboard bags, magazines with wire stitching, catalogs with wire stitching, flyers, skin cover books, books, hard cover books We, as “Veritas Basım Merkezi” entered the sector in the year 2005, and continue our activities in our new facilities in Tuzla Chemical Industry Org Phone Number: +90 533 0444649 Address: Tepeören Köyü İstanbul Tuzla Kimya Sanayicileri OSB., Melek Aras Bulvarı, Anditik Cad., No: 46, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey

MASTEKS DIS TIC. SAN. LTD. STI. textile printings, garment printings, printed materials, plastisol printings, pigment printings, printings, abrasion printings, eko-teks printings, folio printings, lamination printings, silvering printings, flock printings, tinsel printings, flouresan printings, embossing printings, panel printings, readywear printings, emprime printings, readywear emprime printings, garment emprime printings Phone Number: +90 212 451 40 90 Address: Oruçreis Mh., Tekstilkent Cd., A-21 Blok D:30, Esenler, İstanbul, Turkey

MANASTEK MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. industrial machinery, machinery and equipments, hydraulic machinery systems, hydraulic machinery, industrial hydraulic machinery, workshop machinery, hydraulic workshop equipment, industrial presses, hydraulic presses, hydraulic machinery and equipment, standard lifters, standard lifter, hydraulic machinery parts, workshop press, rotary workshop pres, hot rubber printing press, bucket cylinders, press cylinders, high speed rotary cylinders, hydraulic cylinders Our company commenced operations in lift and hydraulic press manufacturing sector as "Manastech Machinery" with experts, experienced staff and manage Phone Number: +90 332 345 15 23 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., Kostim San. Sit., 10577 Sk., No: 17, Karatay, Konya, Turkey

DAMLA OFSET MATBAACILIK VE TIC. A.S. promotional printings, promotional notebooks, promotional diaries, printing works, printing service, presser, offset products, paper products, promotional products, promotional kits, office materials, stationary supplies, agendas, agendas with spiral, spiral agendas, calendars, classic notepads double, notebooks, music notebooks, agendas with leather cover Dival, made it’s first production in 2006 as the brand of Damla Ofset in diary and paper products field, who has started it’s activity in 1984. I Phone Number: +90 332 345 00 10 Address: Büsan Organize San., 10631 Sok. No:4, Karatay, Konya, Turkey

HURKIMSA KIMYA SAN. VE TIC. A.S. chemicals, chemical auxiliary, laminating adhesives, adhesives, textile adhesives, printing adhesives, packaging adhesives, packing adhesives, paint adhesives, isolation adhesives, furniture adhesives, bed foam adhesives, leather adhesives, carpet adhesives, adhesives and auxiliary materials, cellephone lamination adhesives, lamination adhesives, automatic machine adhesives, automatic cellephone machine adhesives, coating folder adhesives Hürkimsa Kimya Sanayi one of the leading innovative companies in this sector has been manufacturing glues auxiliary materials for paint isolation pap Phone Number: +90 216 442 83 25 Address: Bağlarbaşı Mah., Santral Sok., Hacer Hanım Apt., No: 24/4, Maltepe, İstanbul, Turkey

FASHION DIJITAL BASKI VE KUMASCILIK SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI. fabric printing, digital, printing Phone Number: 902125506004 Address: BAĞLAR MAH ÇEŞMEALTI SOK NO 26ist turkey

ECS DAGITIM DIJITAL BASKI OFIS KIRT. SAN.IC VE DIS TIC.LTD.STI. digital printing, digital, printing Phone Number: 905559682172 Address: İSKELE CD.NO:3/Aist turkey

DABUR INDIA LIMITED textile printing thickeners, carboxymethyl tamarind, cmt, hydroxypropyl guar, textile auxiliaries, hpg, cms, carboxymethyl starch Manufacturer Phone Number: 09982930481 Address: Dabur India Limited SPC 162 MIA ALWAR Near Jain Irrigation

DEVORE EMPRIME TEKSTIL INS.VE GIDA SAN TIC.LTD.STI. devore print, burn out print, stamp printing, glitter print (sim print), pigment printing, matwais print, plaster printing, embossed print Phone Number: 90212 689 77 84 Address: SELAHADDİN EYYÜBİ MAH.PİRİ REİS CAD NO: 12KIRAÇ ESENYURT İSTANBULturkey

QINGDAO RICHOCEAN INDUSTRY CO., LTD carton machine, corrugated cardboard production line, printing machine, screen printing machine, packaging machine Qingdao Richocean Industry Co., Ltd is located in west coast of the Qingdao which is one of the most beautiful city in China, it is a wholly owned su Phone Number: +86-532-87197000 Address: East Section Kaicheng Road,Huangdao District,Qingdao,China

BIZ DIJITAL HIZMETLERI VE TIC.A.S. block printing, copper art, enamel art, felt craft, glass art, glass painting, buffalo horn, illumination art, islamic calligraphy, crochet needlework, leather craft, lithograph, marbling art, meerschaum, engraving art, ottoman miniature, silver jewellery, turkish dolls, toy soldiers, turkish tiles Phone Number: 902122438582 Address: MEŞRUTİYET CAD GENERAL YAZGAN SOK NO 14 ŞİŞHANEist turkey

ASAHI YAYINCILIK SAN.VE DIS TIC.LTD.STI. publishing, printing, broadcasting Phone Number: 902126715720 Address: BAŞAKŞEHİR MH. OVA ÇIKMAZI SK.BAŞAKŞEHİR 1.ETAP SİT.A-09 APT.NO:1 D:02ist- turkey

ALSANCAK DIJITAL BASKI SAN.VE DIS TIC.LTD.STI. digital printing, printing services, printing, digital printing services Phone Number: 902125494404 / 2125494404 Address: İSTOÇ TOPTANCILAR ÇARŞ.24 ADA NO:111ist- turkey

ADAM EMPRIME TEKSTIL SAN.VE DIS TIC.LTD.STI printing services, fabric printing services, fabric printing, foil printing, water based printing Phone Number: 902164991336 Address: ÇAM SK.TUTKUNLAR İŞ HANI NO:25/4ist- turkey

ADA GRAFIK BASKI SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI. printing services, fabric printing services, fabric printing, graphic printing, graphic printing services Phone Number: 902126371356 Address: KAYALAR SK.NO:3/2ist- turkey

ABM GLOBAL BASKI TEKS.SAN.VE DIS TIC.LTD.STI. printing services, fabric printing services, fabric printing, digital printing, digital printing services Phone Number: 902125103081 Address: TELSİZMAH.C11SK.NO:1/Aist- turkey

RITAS REKLAM MATB. SAN. LTD. printing, printing services, ad, advertising Phone Number: ( 90) 232 431 1653 Address: 5747/9 Sk. No: 3/A-3 MTK Sitesi 35090 Bornova/İZMİRturkey

3D PLUS PRINTING LIMITED 3d printer, 3d printing, 3d pritner machine, 3d printing machine, jewelry equipment We are a Professional 3D Resin Printer Manufactory with Newest Digital-light Printing LED Special for Jewelry Industry. In this era of 3D printing te Phone Number: +86-20 -84666399-222 Address: No.150 Yinping Road, Shatou street, Panyu District, Guangzhou City,China

DONGGUANG COUNTY XINZHEDA TRADING CO.,LTD corrugated carton making machinery, flexo printing machine, corrugation machine, shoe box making machine, flute laminator, film laminator, folder gluer, stitching machine, strapping machine, printing slotting die cutting machine, case maker we are professional supplier of corrugated carton making machinery. tell me what product you want to make, we will recommend suitable machinery. Phone Number: +8618202206657 Address: dongguang county, cangzhou city, hebei province, China

SBS BASIM VE TEKSTIL printing, textile Phone Number: +905458909075 Address: kartaltepe mah. belediye hekimi sok. no:6/6 bakırköy / istanbul

DHN INDUSTRY textile printing thickener, textile chemical, textile printing gum, guar gum powder, tamarind gum powder, printing auxilearsy, textile printing auxiliaries, printing gum, animal feed product We please to introduce DHN International as we are one of prominent manufacturer, supplier & exporter of the Textile Printing Industry products and T Phone Number: +919428415700 Address: C/11 Karnavati apartment , jodhpur gam road, satellite ahmedabad

MIRZAEI PETROL A.S. renewable energy, aviation, automotive, food, energy production, tourism, leather industry, transportation, sports equipment, paint, computer, tent, durable consumption, pine, heating cooling and natural gas systems, elevator, spice nuts, security systems, light sound systems, beverage Phone Number: +90 380 512 10 07 Address: Camikebir Mah., Rıhtım Cad. No: 2/218, Pak Ekizceli İş Merkezi, Merkez, Düzce, Turkey

IKIKEREIKI REKLAM MATBAA VE TANITIM HIZ. SAN.TIC. advert, advertisement, printing Phone Number: 9 0 (224) 239-2400 Address: HÜDAVENDİGAR MAH.BAYINDIR SOK.TOKER APT.NO:5 K:1 ÇEKİRGE OSMANGAZİ / BURSA / Turkey

EMIRCAN SIGN PRODUCTS aluminum composite panels, acp, pvc foam boards, cast acrylic sheets, vinyl, laminated vinyl, coated vinyl, bilboard papers, self adhesive, digital printing, digital printing machines, plotter, digital printing ink, one way vision CAN SIGN PRODUCTS BEGAN TO FUNCTION IN 1997 IN ADANA AS A MODEST OF PROVIDER OF SIGN PRODUCTS.  THE LARGEST STOCK – THE MOST EFFECTIVE SERVICE – TH Phone Number: +905417963235 Address: döşeme mahallesi turhan cemal beriker bulvarı 120/a

WENZHOU LISHENG PRINTING &PACKAGING MACHINERY CO., LTD printing, flexo printing machine, ci flexo printing machine Phone Number: 0086-18815068527 Address: Address:4# Yongfeng Road, Zhenglou Industry Area, Wangquan Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

YAR-KIM TEMIZLIK URUN.SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI. oil removers, lime removers, wax removers, paint removers, epoxy ground cleaners, coil winding varnish removers, air conditioning coil, stainless steel cleaners, metal surface preparatories, rust removers, textile stain oil removers, metal oil removers, printing press cleaning products, furniture cleaners, electrical oil removers Phone Number: 90 216 593 13 58 Address: Tuzla Kimya Sanayicileri Organize Sanayi BölgesiAromatik Sokak Blok 40 No:67 Tuzla – Istanbul- turkey

VEGA MEDYA OFSET MATBAACILIK AMBALAJ REKLAM TURIZM TARIM URUNLERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S. offset, offset printing, printing Phone Number: 90326 221 85 86 Address: İskenderun Yolu Üzeri 3.Km İl Jandarma Komutanlığı Civarı Antakya/HATAY turkey

MKS DEVO CHEMICALS BCC (BANDIRMA CHEMICAL COMPLEX) dotp, polymers, phosphonates, naphthalene sulphonate, textile technologies, sulphur dyestuff, industrial chemicals, digital printing ink and auxiliaries Phone Number: 90 266 781 10 20 Address: Bandirma Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Tastepe mevkii, 131 Ada 3 Parsel Bandirma Balıkesir / Turkey

SAKARYA MATBAACILIK VE AMBALAJ SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. printing, printing service, packing Phone Number: 90 462 321 72 32 Address: Yavuz Selim Mah. Arsin Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 5 No’lu Cadde No:6/B Arsin / TRABZON- turkey

TOYO MATBAA MUREKKEPLERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S. rotogravure inks, printing inks, digital printing inks, flexo printing inks, screen printing inks Phone Number: 90 (236) 226 50 00 Address: OSB V. KISIM KEÇİLİKÖYOSB MAH. HASAN TÜREK BULVARI NO:6 YUNUSEMRE/ MANİSA

SHENZHEN CENTURY SYNNEX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD uv printer, signs printing Shenzhen century Synnex technology based in the fast developing city of Shenzhen , headquartered in Zhengzhou city , which went public in 2016. Head Phone Number: +86 13928414675 Address: shajing,heer road, baoan, Guangdong

MAYTEKS ORME SAN. VE TIC.A.S knitting, dyeing, printing Phone Number: 90 (236) 236 16 30 Address: OSB I. KISIM KEÇİLİKÖYOSB MAH. ATATÜRK CD. NO:1 YUNUSEMRE/MANİSA- turkey

CAN DISPLAY SIGN PRODUCTS policarbonate sheets, coated flex banners, laminated flex banners, pvc foam boards, aluminum composite panels, cast acrylic sheets, digital printing machines, one way vision, self adhesive CAN SIGN PRODUCTS BEGAN TO FUNCTION IN 1997 IN ADANA AS A MODEST OF PROVIDER OF SIGN PRODUCTS. THE LARGEST STOCK – THE MOST EFFECTIVE SERVICE – TH Phone Number: +90242488636 Address: YENI EMEK MAHALLESI CEYHAN CADDESI ALISAKIRBEY PLAZA NO:49

SMART ENDUSTRIYEL KODLAMA label printing ink jet inkjet, label, label printing, inkjet, ink jet, ink, barcode Phone Number: 05417865432

BILTAD GIDA TURIZM MATBAACILIK SANAYI VE TICARET LTD. STI. food, tourism, printing Phone Number: 90312 2666999 Address: BİLKENT PLAZA ANKUVA ALIŞVERİŞ MERKEZİ NO:30, Ankara, Çankaya, Turkey

AHZAL TEKSTIL printing services for fabrics, fabrics, fabric, polyester fabric, wool fabric, cotton fabrics, blended fabrics Phone Number: 90224 384 15 27 Address: Boyahane. Adres: Barakfakih Mah. 10. Cad. No:6 Kestel / BURSA. turkey

ERGUNES MATBAACILIK A.S printing, printing service Phone Number: 90 224 331 77 22 Address: Kestel OSB, Tepesuyu Cad. No: 10 KESTEL- bursa- turkey

CELBIS TEKSTIL SAN. VE TIC. A.S textile paint, textile finishing, textile printing Phone Number: 90 224 331 76 05 Address: Kestel OSB, Ankara Yolu No:12 / KESTEL- bursa- turkey

NARA TEKSTIL SAN.TIC.AS. pigment printing, dispers printing, reactive printing, discharge printing, plain dye Phone Number: 90 224 261 11 35 Address: Demirtaş Organize San.Bölgesi1.Alaşar Cad No 2Osmangazi BURSA / Turkey

REN-KA MAK.SAN.TIC.LTD.STI. printing machinery, printing equipments, printing machine, paper printing machine, newspaper printing machine Phone Number: 90224 411 15 95 Address: NOSAB N.320 SOKAK NO:6bursa- turkey

BTL MAKINA OTOMOTIV INS.SAN.VE TIC.AS laser cutting, press brake services, welding services, electrostatic powder paints, uv printing Phone Number: 900224 411 20 99 Address: NOSAB N.315 SOKAK NO:1/Bbursa- turkey

SANCAK ETIKET MATBAA SANAYI-FATIH GUVEN labels, packaging, packages, label, offset printing products, printing products Phone Number: 90224 411 21 52 Address: NOSAB N.208 SOKAK NO:4- bursa- turkey

EMIRTRANS SUBLIMASYON VE DIJITAL BASKI KAGITLARI SAN VE TIC. AS. printing materials, printing papers, digital prining papers, printing paper Phone Number: 90224 251 02 12 Address: NOSAB IHLAMUR CADDE NO:32- bursa- turkey

ETS PRINCE PRESS printing, banners, illuminated signs, roll up, calendars, posters Prince Press offers on time, best quality and at affordable prices printing services , Our service includes: Business cards Banners Illuminated Phone Number: 677286549 Address: Feu Rouge Bessengue , opposite BICEC Bank , Douala , Cameroon

ORNEK OFSET MATBAACILIK AMBALAJ BASIN INS.TIC. VE SAN.LTD.STI. printing, offset, offset printing Phone Number: 90(0424) 255 11 00 Address: Organize Sanayi Böl. 3. Kısım ELAZIĞturkey

DORTER MATBAACILIK SAN. VE TIC. A.S. packing, packaging, printing Phone Number: 90 (212) 698 91 45 Address: İKİTELLİ OSB HÜRRİYET BULV. DEPARKO SAN. SİT. NO:1/26 BAŞAKŞEHİR - İSTANBUL- turkey

ALFA MATB. AMB. SAN. VE TIC. A.S. packing, packaging, printing Phone Number: 90 (212) 689 58 00 Address: KIRAÇ İSTİKLAL MAH. BARIŞ MANÇO SOK. NO:1 ESENYURT / İSTANBUL- turkey

KEFELI OFSET MATBAACILIK OLUKLU MUKAVVA KUTU VE AMBALAJ SAN. TIC. ITH IHR. LTD. offset, print, printing, packing Phone Number: 90 362 266 59 32 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Yaşar Doğu Cad. No : 5 Tekkeköy / SAMSUN

FIBATEK PLS. AMBALAJ SANAYI Sack Bag, Bag Printing, Bags, Brown Gift, Brown Paper, Fabric Bags, Handle Paper Bag, Hdpe Bags, Hdpe Fabric, Hdpe Sacks, Hessian Sack, Jumbo Bag, Laminated Woven, Non Woven Bag, Packaging, Plastic Sacks, Plastic Woven, Polypropylene, Polypropylene Bags, Polypropylene Phone Number: +903223943794 Address: H.SABANCI ORG. SAN. BLG. ADANA /TURKIYE

ERTUG REKLAM SANAYI VE TICARET A.S. digital printing, totem Phone Number: 90 262 759 17 50 Address: Dilovası Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 3 KısımD 3005 Sokak No:9 Gebze / Kocaeli - Turkey

DEBA DEMIR BASKI ISLERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S. printing, press Phone Number: 90 262 759 14 22 Address: Dilovası Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 3. Kısım, Gediz Caddesi No:2GEBZE / KOCAELİ- turkey

HANHAN PRINTING ROLLER CHINA ceramic anilox roller, chrome anilox roller, embossing roller, wooden gravure printing roller One of biggest professional manufacter to produce rollers for printing and packing machine.Each with rich experience and competive price. Phone Number: 86-512-36601458 Address: Green Avenue,Huaqiao Town

BURKIM KIMYA softener, textile chemicals, auxiliary textile chemicals, treatment chemicals, dyeing, printing, finishing Auxiliary Textile Chemicals Burkim Kimya, which was established in 1994 with %100 domestic investment, produces and sells qualified chemicals for Phone Number: +905300683006 Address: No: 40, 217. Sokak İncirtepe, 34510 Beylikdüzü OSB/Esenyurt/İstanbul

ETRA TRAVEL tourism, package, printing Our main business is tourism, but after crises it is difficult to ge tourists to our country, therefor we decide to export all kind of boxes, package Phone Number: 0216 4052280 Address: Osmanağa mah Serasker cad 69/9 Kadıköy İstanbul

ERAY KRISTAL sublimation, sublimation aliminium, sublimation aluminium sheets, Trophy, Medal, Medals, Trophies, plaques, Cups, Crystals, TRANSFER PRINTING MACHINES, SUBLIMATION SUPPLIES, METAL CUTTING GUILLOTINES, BUTTON ROSET KOKART MACHINERY AND SUPPLIES Dear Sirs, I hope you are doing well. My name is Erdem SIPAL . I am writing to you behalf of ERAY . Let me introduce my company shortly , W Phone Number: +905324466393 Address: Yuksek Kaldirim Cad. No: 40 Yunusbey Is Hani Floor:2-3 Karakoy 34425 , ISTANBUL - TURKEY

ARSLAN MATBAA printing, printing service Phone Number: +905348640503

ETT REKLAM LOJISTIK A.S. advertisement, outdoor advertising, inside advertisement, vehicle wraps, sign, totem, bus stop, kioks, illuminated panel, box letter, external signboard, architectural orientation, stand, digital printing, banner holder, information board, vinyl printing ETT Advertising Logistics Inc. with hosts machinery of qualified staff within the professional staff and the latest technology for Outdoor Ads serves Phone Number: 00905303230272 Address: orhangazi mah.ısıso cad.ısıso san.z blok no:14 esenyurt istanbul

FLORAPRINT digital printing on fabrics exporter of digital printed fabrics oll kinds, incl. knitted and strech Phone Number: 00421905710328 Address: Pana 233, 951 05 Pana

NETFORM MATBAACILIK A.S. printing, printing services Phone Number: 90352 322 11 33 Address: OSB 23.- Cadde No:42 KAYSERİ- turkey

ROTEC ETIKET MATB.AMB.SAN.TIC.LTD.STI. label, printing, packing Phone Number: 90232 420 10 10 Address: ADATEPE MH 2/21 SOKAK NO:22 BUCA/İZMİR- turkey

ALTERNATIF MATBAACILIK SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI printing service, advertising Phone Number: 90232 442 49 99 Address: ADATEPE MAHALLESI 2/20 SOKAK NO:32 BUCA/İZMİR- turkey

IZMIR MEKANIK MAK.ELEKTRO.INS.SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI. flexo printing machine, flexo printing machines Phone Number: 90(232) 328 22 60 Address: 10.032 SOKAK NO.11 ATATÜRK ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ- turkey

BUDIN AKARCA MUREKKEP VE BOYA SAN.VE TIC.A.S printing ink Phone Number: 90(232) 328 00 84 Address: 10.014 SOKAK NO.11 ATATÜRK ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ izmir- turkey

UES MAKINE TEKSTIL INSAAT VE GIDA SAN TIC LT textile foils, hot stamping foils, textile printing, leather foils, leather printing, t-shirt printing, hot foils, metallic foils, fabric printing, gold foils, silver foils, crystal film, crystal foils, emulsion, screen printing, glitter, squegee blades, garment printing, metallic garments, metallic fabric We are leading supplier and manufacturer of leather and textile foils in Istanbul, Turkey. Our range contains hot stamping foils in metallic, matt, h Phone Number: +902125571040 Address: Kirac ataturk mah, kasirga sok no: 6/3 Esenyurt Istanbul

YOUCHENG SCREEN PRINTING MACHINERY CO.,LTD YANTAI printing, screen printing, printing machine, screen printing machine, screen printing machines We are a China-Korea jointed venture , manufacture screen printing machine , exposure machine , stretcher , heat press machine etc We have agent in Phone Number: +86 0535 2120886 Address: Sea Breeze Industrial Park, Road Tonglin , Huang wu , Zhifu District , Yantai, Shandong , China

ZHEJIANG ZHONGCHUANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD. background wal printer, decorating machine, door making machine, flooring painter, glass printer, inkjet printer, leather printer, mdf board printer, mimaki printer, painting machine, printing machine, roland printer, seiko printing machine, smartphone case printer, steel door painter, textile printer, uv flatbed printer, uv2513 Zhejiang Zhongchuang Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a hi-tech manufacturer specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing Universal UV flatbed print Phone Number: 13958530036 Address: No.685 Haihong Road, Jiaojiang District,

MARIFET OFSET MATBAACILIK SAN. VE TIC. A.S. print service, printing Phone Number: 9 0 222 236 20 66 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 9/A Cadde No.6 – ESKİŞEHİR- turkey

KRAFT OFSET AMBALAJ REKLAM VE INSAAT SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. packing, printing Phone Number: 90222 231 12 00 Address: ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ 7.CADDE NO.38 ESKİŞEHİR. turkey

FOVINT commercial refrigeration tag, digital printing, display, offset printing, silk screen, stands, uv printing all printing Phone Number: +905442368468 Address: İstanbul

ECE AMBALAJ VE BASKI SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Glass Bottle, Glass Bottle Printing, Packaging, Packaging Bottle Phone Number: 90 222 227 33 23 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 26.Cadde No: 2 Eskişehir- turkey

JANNA TEXTILE dress, clothing, blouse, top, skirt, jacket, tunic, coat, fabric, printing Janna textile established by Janna GOROBCHENKO ÖZKARACALAR as a result her 20 years experience. Janna serves customers in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Rus Phone Number: 00902122194617 Address: 19 MAYIS MAH. SAMANYOLU SOK. NO 102 SISLI ISTANBUL

NORT PNOMATIK HIDROLIK MAKINE paper bag making machine, flexo printing machines, flat, satchel, flat paper pag, satchel paper pag, flexo printing, flexo Flexo Printing Machine; Flat&Satchel Paper Bag Machine; Converting Technology; Paper Bag Machines; Paper Bag Machinery Phone Number: (553) 204-1881 Address: Koza Mah. Kotçular San. Sit. Blok No:1-3-5-7 Esenyurt / İstanbul

AKMAT AKINOGLU MATBAACILIK SAN. VE TIC. A.S Printing Services, Paper, Flyer, Leaflet, Packaging Printing, Printing Services, Offset Printing, A4 Prints, Book Print, Book Printers, Booklet Printing, Brochure, Business Brochure, Business Flyer, Business Leaflet, Card Printing, Cards Flyers, Color Brochure, Color Flyer, Color Printing Phone Number: 902242432929 Address: Bursa OSB Ali Osman Sönmez Bulv. 2. Sk. No: 1 Nilüfer/BURSA/ turkey

ASLI DOKUMA TEKS SAN TIC LTD STI Textile, Linen, Jersey, Fabric, Knitting, Paint, Finishing, Printing Phone Number: 90 (224) 360 60 61 Address: Anadolu Mh. Görgülü Sk. No:23 Yıldırım/BURSA-Turkey

OZLEM REKLAM PANO IMALATI SAN TIC Illuminated Signage, Non-Illuminated Signage, Totem and Tower Signage, Aluminum and Composite Signs, Neon and LED Applications, Digital Printing Applications, Truck-Mounted Applications, Internal and external referrals, Manufacturing Board, Alert and Warning Signs, Stands and Fairs, Advertising Phone Number: 9(0262) 642 13 42 Address: Köşklü Çeşme Mah. İstanbul Cad. No:63 41400 Gebze / KOCAELİ/ turkey

FEDO KAGIT VE SANAYI URUNLERI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Photoblock Hanger, Colored Paper A4, Agenda Ivory Paper, Packaging Paper, Home Page, Sketches, Polyester, Bar Balsa Sheets, Bands, Barcode Labels, Bristol Paper, Cd Label, Skin Rags, Double-Sided Tape, Drawing Paper, Diplomatic, Boucle, File Pocket, File For Cover, File Carton Phone Number: 9 (0 312) 384 39 80 Address: Büyüksanayi 1.Cad. Elif Sok. No: 7 / 162(Sütçü Kemal İş Hanı) İskitler / ANKARA/ turkey

ANIL KAGIT MAT. YAY. SAN. VE TIC. LTD STI Paper, Printing Phone Number: 90 212 501 10 02 Address: Maltepe mh. Litros Yolu 2.Matbaacılar Sitesi D Blok 1BD21 34010 Topkapı / Istanbul / Turkey

SECIL OFSET KAGIT SAN TIC LTD STI Printing Services, Paper, Flyer, Leaflet, Packaging Printing, Printing Services, Offset Printing, A4 Prints, Book Print, Book Printers, Booklet Printing, Brochure, Business Brochure, Business Flyer, Business Leaflet, Card Printing, Cards Flyers, Color Brochure, Color Flyer, Color Printing Phone Number: 90 (212) 629 06 15 Address: 100. Yıl Mahallesi Massit Matbaacılar Sitesi 4. Cadde No:77 Bağcılar, İSTANBUL/ turkey

GUR PLASTIK SANAYI A.S. Dropper, Bottles, Jars, Syrup Covers, Enema Kits, Sweeteners Boxes, Dosing Pipettes, Dragees Bottle, Shampoo Bottles, Caps, Pad Printing, Screen Printing, Agricultural Packaging, Veterinary Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Scale, Spoon Syrup Phone Number: 90 212 723 6208 Address: 500. Cad./5002 Sok. No:21 34590 Selimpaşa/Istanbul/ turkey

OZERPLAST PLASTIK SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI Shrink Film, Cleaning Paper Packaging, Detergent Packaging, Frozen Food Packaging, Dry Pasta Food and Packaging, Candy Packaging, Chips, Cookies Packaging, Wicketed Bags, Vacuum Packaging, Flexible Film, Flexible Packaging, Flexible Plastic, Flexible Pouch, Flexible Printing, Foil Packaging Phone Number: 90 (232) 878 18 18 Address: Ankara Asfaltı No:348 - PK: 35730Kemalpaşa - İZMİR / Turkey

DICLE KIMYA TIC. VE SAN. A.S Ethyl Hexanol, Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate, Alcohols, Amines, Anhydrite On, Transparencies, Nail Polish Remover, Butanol, Butyl Acrylate, Butyl Acetate, Butyl Glycol, Leather Chemicals, Printing Thinner, Diethanolamine, Diethylene Glycol, Other Products, Industrial Thinner, Ethyl Acrylate, Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Glycol Phone Number: 90 212 272 45 80 Address: Merkez Mahallesi Köyaltı Mevkii Kavak Sokak No:12 34197 BahçelievlerYenibosna / İstanbul / Turkey

IKINCILER MATBAA SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI. Wedding Invitation Card, Invitation Card, Printing Phone Number: 90 444 39 08 Address: İstanbul Anadolu Yakası Org.San.Bölgesi Aydınlı Mh. Mermerciler Cad. No: 13 (34953) Tuzla / İSTANBUL

DAPHNE DIS TIC.VE YATIRIM A.S. Products, Pp Bigbag, Pp Fabric Sacks, Pp Cf Fiber, Pp Fabric, Fibc, Stitching Sack Mouth, Standard Big Bag, Big-Bag Sacks, Agriculture, Construction, Mine, Conductive Big Bag, Ventilated Big Bag, Q Bag, Bigbag Cross Corner, Container Bag, Container Liner Bag, Wheat Sacks, Lentil Sacks Phone Number: 90 262 759 1 740 Address: Dilovası Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 3.Kısım Gediz Cd.No:19 Gebze / KOCAELİ

GOLMEZ TEKSTIL Pillowcase, Fitted Sheet, Pillow, Bed Sheet, Fashion Fabric, Cotton Fabric, Printed, Fabric, Print Fabric, Cotton, Digital Fabric, Poly Fabric, Silk Fabric, Linen, Polyester Fabric, Textile, Textile Printing, Spandex Fabric, Canvas Fabric, Designer Fabric We are a bed sheets manufacturer and exporter Located in Denizli /Turkey. We are manufactured using 100% Cotton Knitted Fabric. After having establ Phone Number: 5320594720 Address: Turkey

SHEEN PAPEL a4 paper, carbon paper, carbon-less paper, copy paper, high glossy photo paper, offset paper, paper cardboard, paper other, paper products, toilet tissue towels, photo paper, printing paper, printing papers, copying paper, thermal fax paper, Backing paper, Newsprint paper, Double A paper, Thermal paper Today, Sheen is one of the major players in the paper business in the Philippines. It now has over 300 employees working over its day-to-day operat Phone Number: +63995 274 5765 Address: No 120. Puerto National Highway, Cagayan de Oro City, 9000, Northern Mindanao

BASIMSAN MATBAA MAKINALARI Printing Machine, Printing Machinery, Screen Printing, Printer, Print Assembly Line Phone Number: 90 (312) 397 7712 Address: İvedik OSB 35. cd. Matbaacılar sit. no 44 ANKARA TURKEY

SAYAR MATBAA VE ENDUSTRI BOYALARI TIC.LTD.STI. Printing, Paint Phone Number: 90 332 345 16 01 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. Aslım Cad.Büsan 4 San. Sit. No:49 42050Karatay / KONYA/ turkey

PALMIYE GROUP Cleaning Paper, Toilet Paper, Tissue Paper, Paper, Tissue, Toilet, Paper Supplies, Toilet Roll, Toilet Tissue, Custom Paper, Paper Rolls, Packing Paper, Paper Industry, Toilet Paper Rolls, Tissue Machine, Printing Paper, Tissue Roll, Make Toilet, Paper Packaging, Copying Tissue Phone Number: 90 (312) 397 46 90 Address: Gimat Toptancılar Sitesi 13.Blok No: 356 Macunköy / ANKARA TURKEY

PROJEPACK Offset Packaging, Offset Printing, Box, Corrugated Box Phone Number: 90 (216) 488 22 19 Address: Meşeli Ayazma Mevkii Çobanyıldızı Cad. no:59YUNUS/ KARTAL /İSTANBUL TURKEY

MALATYA SENTETIK CUVAL Packaging, Sack, Sacks, Printing, Packaging, Fibc, Bags, Bag Big, Bag Making, Big Bag, Big Bags, Big Bäg, Bigs Bags, Bulk Packaging, Cad Packaging, Leno Bag, M Packaging, Machine Bags, Net Sack, Packaging Cad Phone Number: 04223150584

SANSAL MAKINA ETIKET MATBAA BASKI SAN. TIC. LTD Label, Printing Phone Number: 90 (212) 509 27 00 Address: Üniversite Mah. E-5 Yan Yol Gürer İş Merkezi No:6 Kat:2 Avcılar/İSTANBUL/ turkey

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Turkish Packing Machines , Turkey Packing Machines Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters b2b Directory. High Quality Packing Machines from Turkish Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters Companies in Turkey.

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packaging systems, packaging machines, packing machines, packing machine, stretch machines, shrink films, stretch films, bopp films, laminated films, pallet stretch films, foam plates, plates, fruit plates, vegetable plates, boxes, fruit boxes, vegetable boxes, ps isothermal boxes. - We are continuing our success with more than 200 employees in 15 countries in Eastern and Central Europe. Company's product range consists of packagi. Phone: +90-212-879 01 00-03 Address: Organize Birlik Sanayi Sitesi 5.cadde No:15-17 Beylikdüzü-İstanbul, Turkey

packing machines, packaging machines, dusty packaging machines, granular packaging machines, dusty packing machines, granular packing machines, checkweighers, volumetric packaging machines, volumetric packing machines, packing machine, packaging machine, dusty packaging machine, granular packaging machine, dusty packing machine, granular packing machine, checkweigher, volumetric packaging machine, volumetric packing machine, wrapping machine, scale systems. - Devpak manufactures high-tech packaging machines with its experience, know-how, specialized team in the sector. Devpak manufactures, develops and off. Phone: + 90 332 345 48 20 Address: KOSB Büyük Kayacık Mah. Güzel Konak Sok. No: 2, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey

pallet, pallets, packing machines, packaging machines, shrink machines, conveyor systems, pallet stretching machines, stretching machines, depalletizers, depalletizer machines, palletizers, palletizer machines, beverage packing machines, beverage packaging machines, wrapping machines, pallet wrapping machines, wrap machines, shrink packaging machines, shrink packing machines, packing machine. - Protank Machinery Ltd. was found in 2004. Unique Owner of the Company, Murat Kirveli, (Mechanical Engineer, M.Sc.) has experiences in his branches ab. Phone: +90 232 4722424 Address: A.O.S.B., 10038 Sokak, No: 7/C, Çiğli,İzmir, Turkey

food processing machines, wafer production lines, flowpack machines, packing machines, packaging machines, automatic feeding systems, wafer baking machines, wafer cutting machines, wafer distribution devices, wafer sheet coolers, wafer spreading machines, wafer grinding machines, wafer machines, horizontal flowpack machines, horizontal packing machines, horizontal packaging machines, food processing machine, wafer production line, flowpack machine, packing machine. - We would like to introduce our company Forma Makina SAN.A.S as a leading industrial company specialized in manufacturing flat & hollow wafer producti. Phone: +90 212 886 11 51 Address: Akçaburgaz Mah. Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Cad. No: 8, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey

forming set, forming collar set, seal machine, vertical packing machine, packing machine, pasta packing machine, coffee packing machine, spices packing machine, sugar packing machine, food packaging machine, flour packing machine, detergent packing machine, full automatic packing machine, industrial packaging machine, forming collar for vertical packing machine, forming set for vertical packing machine, forming shoulder for packing machine, forming neck for vertical packing machine, food packaging machines, vertical packing machines. - About us: YAKACI SAFAK is the best solution for forming collars and filling tubes. We produce forming collar set for any type of vertical and horiz. Phone: +90 212 549 45 29 --- +90 545 203 63 96 Address: İkitelli OSB Esenler San. Sit. 22. Blok No: 7, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey

milling machines, flour milling machines, vibro grain separator, stone separator, vertical washer, intensive dampener, vibrative air separator, elevator, trieur, horizontal scourer, vibro gravity, air - cleaning components, aspiration channel, radial air separator, milling section machinery, airtronic roller mill, quadro plansifter, impact detacher, bran finisher, vitamine dosing machine. - OZENIR Degirmen Makineleri Ltd Sti was established in 1996 by an experienced management team, operating in a 20,000m2 production plant including 8,00. Phone: 90 3322494200 Address: Büyükkayacık OSB Mah. 405 Nolu Sk. No: 12/1, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey

food processing machines, food machines, milk collection units, milk storage units, milk treatment machines, yoghurt machines, ayran machines, kashkaval cheese units, international cheese units, whey cheese units, white cheese units, butter units, cream units, ice cream units, filling machines, packing machines, packaging machines, milk transport tanks, milk cooling tanks, milk storage tanks. - STK MAKINA was established in 1981 in Sakarya, which operates in the food industry and in particular in the establishment of equipment turnkey facili. Phone: +90 264 281 50 40 Address: İstiklal Mah., San. Cad., No: 95/A, Serdivan, Sakarya, Turkey

food processing machines, food machines, milk collection units, milk storage units, milk treatment machines, yoghurt machines, ayran machines, kashkaval cheese units, international cheese units, whey cheese units, white cheese units, butter units, cream units, ice cream units, filling machines, packing machines, packaging machines, milk transport tanks, milk cooling tanks, milk storage tanks. - STK MAKINA was established in 1981 in Sakarya, which operates in the food industry and in particular in the establishment of equipment turnkey facili. Phone: 90 5337485919 Address: İstiklal Mah., San. Cad., No: 95/A, Serdivan, Sakarya, Turkey

packaging machines, shrink machines, packing machines, pallet shrink machines, shrink packing machines, shrink packaging machines, l-sealer shrink machines, sealer shrink machines, panel radiator packaging lines, conveyors, bread packaging machines, bread packing machines, semi automatic shrink machines, full automatic shrink machines, formed shrink machines, tunneled shrink machines, panel unhooking conveyors, panel driving conveyors, directon changer conveyors, paper cutting. - Mazer Makina has the excitement of sharing the information and experience that is gained through more than 25 years of production. Since the day it i. Phone: +90 232 877 03 12 Address: Ankara Asfaltı, 22. Km, Kemalpaşa, İzmir, Turkey

packing systems, packing machines, agricultural packing systems, industrial packing systems, food packing systems, weighing systems, scale systems, agricultural packing machines, industrial packing machines, food packing machines, round balers, wrapper machines, compact packing machines, modular packing machines, single packing machines, bunker type filling machines, filling machines, bunker type packing machines, silo type packing machines, farm type packing machines. - DEMIR PACKING with its international brandname D-PACK is the leading manufacturer company for automatic and semi automatic filling , weighting (scal. Phone: 90 5495030300 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. KTM A Blok No: 10-22, Karatay, Konya, Turkey

chocolate machines, biscuit machines, cake machines, wafer machines, packing machines, chocolate molding lines, chocolate manufacturing lines, biscuit manufacturing lines, cake manufacturing lines, wafer manufacturing lines, biscuit baking ovens, automatic biscuit baking ovens, cake ovens, cake depositors, jelly injection machines, dough mixers, discharging units, mold washing machines, mold drying machines, oil sprayers. - Demsa Machinery Textile Packaging Industry and Trade Ltd. Company Our company was established in 2004 by Halil Ibrahim Demirci. Our main field of ac. Phone: +90 338 214 00 38 Address: 9. Org. San. Böl. No: 2/11, Merkez, Karaman, Turkey

food processing machines, food machines, food packaging machines, chocolate machines, chocolate lines, chocolate production machines, chocolate production lines, candy cooking lines, candy machines, candy lines, candy cooking machines, horizontal packaging machines, food packing machines, packing machines, flowpack packaging machines, twist packaging machines, napolitano machines, confectionery packaging machines, chocolate packaging machines, butter melting tanks. - TRAPEZ Makina which was ultimately founded on 03.12.2010 by Ali CAGLI and Ramazan YILDIRIM after a 5 year-feasibility study, is the place where a 25-. Phone: +90 332 342 58 73 Address: Aslım St. Hacı Yusuf Mescit Mh. Gürhanlar Sk. No:5/H, Karatay, Konya, Turkey

packing machines, packaging machines, flowpack machines, horizontal packing machines, horizontal packaging machines, product distribution systems, horizontal flowpack packing machines, wafer production lines, wafer production machines, wrapping machines, feeding systems, feeding machines, packing systems, packaging systems, packing machine, packaging machine, flowpack machine, horizontal packing machine, horizontal packaging machine, product distribution system. - OMAKS manufactures Wafer Production Line (Flowpack), Horizontal Packaging Machine and automatic product feeding and distribution systems for many con. Phone: +90 551 933 83 83 Address: Akcaburgaz Mah., 3028 Sk. No:1 İç kapı No:1 Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey

packing machines, packaging machines, flowpack machines, horizontal packing machines, horizontal packaging machines, product distribution systems, horizontal flowpack packing machines, wafer production lines, wafer production machines, wrapping machines, feeding systems, feeding machines, packing systems, packaging systems, packing machine, packaging machine, flowpack machine, horizontal packing machine, horizontal packaging machine, product distribution system. - OMAKS manufactures Wafer Production Line (Flowpack), Horizontal Packaging Machine and automatic product feeding and distribution systems for many con. Phone: 90 2125493903 Address: Akcaburgaz Mah., 3028 Sk. No:1 İç kapı No:1 Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey

biscuit machine, packing machine, packaging machine, vertical packing, packing line, corn chips, production line, biscuit line, hard biscuit line, lamination line, rotative machine, sugar powder mill, dough mixer, hight speed mixer, chocolate mixer, winner, cream filling machine, wrapping machine, fill and seal machine, soap packing machine. - VIP Makina Packing and Food Industry Commerce Limited Company is a Stock-in-trade company that was founded in Eskisehir /TURKEY. Our machines are. Phone: +90 222 236 26 66 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 8. Cadde No: 34 Battalgazi-Eskişehir, Turkey

packaging system, packaging systems, packaging machine, packaging machines, packing machine, packing machines. - packaging, manufacturing of packaging machines Phone: +90 332 238 09 63 Address: Taçcı Makina Müh.San.Tic. Karatay Sanayi Sitesi Freze Sokak No: 22 Selçuklu Konya, Turkey

packing machine, packing machines, packaging machine, packaging machines, shrink packing machine, powder filling machine, shrink packing machines, powder filling machines. - Phone: +90 332 345 36 30 Address: Karatay Sanayi Bağsaray Sok. No:32Selçuklu, Turkey

bottling machine, oil bottling machine, packing machine, glass bottle packing machine, wine bottling machine, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, date printing machine. - It is a factory which is specializing in manufacturing pesticide, chemical packing machines. Company relys on domestic famous colleges’ and scientif. Phone: 008615866595521 Address: No.2000, Yineng Road, Industrial Area, Qingzhou,Shandong,China

packing, packings, packaging, packagings, packing material, packing materials, packing machine, packing machines. - DEALERS OF ALL KINDS OF : PACKAGING MATERIAL PACKAGING MACHINERY PROCESSING EQUIPMENT HAND TOOLS & ACCESSORES MARKING, CODING & LABELLING EQUIPM. Phone: +97143934468 Address: AL WALEED BUILDING, SUITE 205, AL ROLLA STREET, BUR DUBAI

packing machines, packing machine, packaging machines, packagine machine, filling machines, filling machine, vertical filling machines, vertical filling machine, automatic filling machines, automatic filling machine, semi automatic filling machines, semi automatic filling machine, filling machine equipment. - Fully Automatic vertical filling machines, semi-automatic vertical filling machines, auxiliary equipment Phone: +90 0 264 2751872 Address: Güney Mobilyacılar San. Sit. 280 Sk. No:4 Adapazarı / Sakarya, Turkey

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